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Swimming Pool Steve is a second generation pool & spa builder with over 50,000 hours of on-site experience - A genuinely gifted communicator with an incredible drive to learn and a passion for teaching

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    More than just swimming pools - Steve is a writer, producer, artist, sculptor, musician, internet developer, marketer and entrepreneur

Featured Swimming Pool Steve Articles

Swimming Pool Steve has released hundreds of articles, videos and tutorials relating to pools and hot tubs in both print media and online. The following links are to some of his featured content:

How To Make Fake Rocks - Learn from Steve how to make artificial rocks and fake stone garden statues using a unique construction process. This process uses modified concrete that is sculpted, textured, scraped, painted and sealed to look just like real stone!

Pool Pump Reviews - This article is a side by side comparison of every make and model of pool pump made by Jandy, Hayward and Pentair based on flow rates not horsepower (for both in ground & above ground pools). This is a very helpful buyers guide for pool owners looking to buy a pump that fits their pool, but also an extremely interesting read and quick reference for people who work in the swimming pool industry.

6 Things You Should NEVER Say To Your Pool Guy - A funny and lighthearted look at life as a swimming pool and hot tub technician. If you work in the industry this article should not be missed and if you are a pool owner you can see if you are guilty of saying one of these six things!

Pool Inspections - This is a 50 part video series from Steve that evaluates pool equipment installations for deficiencies. From this series you will learn how to inspect your own pool equipment and what needs to be changed to improve its efficiency and flow dynamics. You will be very surprised to see just how many problems Steve finds in these pool systems. Learn how to protect your pool equipment before it ends up costing you. (This page is large and takes a minute to load)

Pool Heat Pumps - Learn what an electric heat pump is, how it works and most importantly the limitations of this form of pool heat. Also you will see how to properly install a pool heat pump including how to correctly size the electrical wires and breaker which is something that installers (and even electricians) often get wrong!

Where To Buy Pool Equipment Online

Pool Supplies USA - If you are located in the USA then you have a number of good choices for buying pool equipment online. The pricing for pool equipment is largely unregulated which means that the largest retailers are able to offer the lowest prices. In the USA Amazon.com is the best source for low prices, in-stock availability and fast shipping.

Pool Supplies Canada - If you are located in Canada there are very few places to purchase pool equipment online when compared to the USA. Canadian pricing for pool equipment is different from the USA in that dealers in Canada must follow minimum advertised pricing requirements. The industry leader for online pool equipment sales in Canada, by far, is PoolSuppliesCanada.ca due to their large in-stock selection, low prices and fast shipping.