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Swimming Pool Steve Sponsors

If you purchase a sponsor ad with us your ad will be placed on the bottom of every page on the swimmingpoolsteve.com website including all articles, blog posts and product review pages. This is a fantastic opportunity to have your brand viewed by hundreds of thousands of people every year. Further to this, Steve is an established industry expert and authority influencer who internet searchers look to for trustworthy and honest information about pools and spas.

Why should you advertise with SwimmingPoolSteve.com?

- Articles on SwimmingPoolSteve.com were read by over 200,000 people in 2016
- Traffic is up by over 300% in 2017 versus the same period in 2016 (projected 2017 totals are over 600,000 views)
- The Swimming Pool Steve YouTube channel was watched by over 500,000 people in 2016
- Over $400,000 of pool equipment was purchased directly as a result of recommendations by Steve in 2016
- The SwimmingPoolSteve.com website influences millions of dollars annually of pool equipment purchases
- Swimming Pool Steve is one of the most recognized and trusted brands in the pool and spa industry

example of sponsor ad picture Example Sponsor # 1

Your ad with SwimmingPoolSteve.com will appear just like this at the bottom of every page of the website. Each ad will also include a picture spot (200 x 200 pixels max) as well as clickable links to the destination page of your choosing.

example of sponsor ad picture Example Sponsor # 2

There are only 3 three advertising spots currently available and sponsors will be accepted on a first come, first served basis once the sponsor request has been approved by Steve personally.

example of sponsor ad picture Example Sponsor # 3

Each sponsor ad will run for a total of 12 consecutive calendar months and you will have the ability to renew your ad yearly. With only a few sponsor spots available this will be sure that your company message or brand will not be lost or diluted.

Advertisement Sponsor Pricing

The pricing schedule for one of the three advertisement places available on SwimmingPoolSteve.com is based on a full 12 calendar month rotation. During this period of time your ad will appear at the bottom of every page of the SwimmingPoolSteve.com website.

12 Month Ad Spot ($600 USD per month billed annually)
Advertisement spots on SwimmingPoolSteve.com were appraised with a value of $800 per month. To make advertising here a great value the sponsor positions were reduced to $600 per month.

*NEW ADVERTISERS* 12 Month Ad Spot ($300 USD per month billed annually)
If this is your first time advertising with SwimmingPoolSteve.com then your entire first year will be billed at the introductory price of $300 per month which is 50% off the regular pricing. You simply can not find a more exclusive advertising opportunity in the pool and spa industry at this price.

To submit your request for a sponsor position with SwimmingPoolSteve.com please email with your company name and contact information. You will be contacted by Steve directly to discuss your ad placement and to request the picture that you would like to accompany your ad. You will be invoiced for the advertisement spot on SwimmingPoolSteve.com and your ad will go live upon receipt of your payment.

If you are ready to proceed with your advertisement spot get started here