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Ask Swimming Pool Steve

Do you have a question about your pool or hot tub and you need and answer? Ask Swimming Pool Steve. While I do attempt to answer general questions that are emailed to me the volume of emails that I receive is too great to respond to them all. Since getting objective advice about your pool or spa from an industry expert can be exceedingly hard to find I am now offering a service guaranteed to get you the answers that you need.

To open a question request with Swimming Pool Steve please submit your payment of $20 here:

After you have submitted your payment please email your question to Steve at SwimmingPoolSteve@gmail.com

You will receive a prompt reply from Steve in regards to your question. You will either receive your answer right away or Steve will request additional information from you to help answer your question. If you find that you are not satisfied with your answer, or if Steve is not able to provide the information that you need, simply request a refund from Steve to receive a complete refund of your payment.

Swimming Pool Steve Consulting

What if I have more than one question?

If you are planning a new swimming pool installation, a large scale renovation, or are attempting a do-it-yourself project on your pool then you would benefit greatly from having an expert to ask all of your questions to. With the Swimming Pool Steve Consulting service you can now pay a one time consulting fee and you will have access to an expert opinion throughout your project.

To sign up for the Swimming Pool Steve Consulting service submit your payment of $499 here:

You are free to email your questions to Steve throughout the duration of your project with this service and you will always receive answers as a priority. Considering the costs associated with new pool installations or large scale renovations, this consulting fee is a tremendous value to make sure your project goes smoothly. In this consulting Steve will provide answers to any of your questions or concerns, however please note:

You are paying to have access to a second opinion, or an industry expert that you can bounce ideas off of, not a swimming pool contractor. This service DOES NOT include Steve educating your installer on how to install a swimming pool. While every effort will be given to provide answers to your questions, there is no replacement for being on-site and Steve will not under any circumstances speak with your installers or pool contractors directly. That is your job as the pool owner. The Swimming Pool Steve consulting service is meant to help educate you and teach you what you need to learn in order to ask informed questions.

Much of the information that you receive from Steve about your pool will not match the ideals of the average pool installer. This is because the swimming pool industry lacks regulation and the "average" pool installer knows very little about advanced swimming pool applications as well as subjects like longevity or efficiency. This is why it is so important to research your pool installer and choose one that you are very comfortable with. The Swimming Pool Steve Consulting service can help you to make sure you find a qualified installer for your project and provide answers to your questions when you feel that you need clarification on any issues you encounter.