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How To Make Fall Off The Bone Ribs

how to make fall off the bone ribs Ribs is a recipe I had to put in time on to learn how to make correctly. For years the only way that I could get great ribs would be to go out for dinner to a decent restaurant. It seems like every time I tried to make ribs they would end up tough and inedible, or they would just be lacking in flavor. This recipe is one that I developed after trying every rib recipe I could find. For an entire summer I made ribs almost every weekend!

I experimented with dry rubs and marinades as well as various cooking techniques. For all of the mediocre ribs these methods have produced I am almost embarrassed by how easy it is to make perfect "fall off the bone" ribs once you know what you are doing. The first thing you need to know is that you should absolutely not boil your ribs. Yes this will improve the tenderness of the meat however it will also strip all of the moisture (and flavor) out of the ribs. Boiling your ribs is rookie move number one and from this day forward you should not boil your ribs.

ingredients needed for fall off the bone ribs

A few large onions
Baby back ribs (any cut of pork ribs will work)
BBQ sauce

Cooking time
2.5 hours at 275 degrees F

ribs on top of diced onions
To make these perfect fall off the bone ribs you will need to roughly chop up a few onions. I usually use two medium sized onions per full rib rack. Take the rough chopped onions and line a deep baking dish completely. The onions will provide all of the moisture that is needed to help cook the ribs without drying them out.

There is a lot of moisture that will cook out of the ribs but this is different than boiling them. Cooking with the onions infuses flavor while boiling the ribs, even in salted water, ultimately pulls flavor from them.

Thoroughly cover the ribs in salt and pepper.

cover ribs with tinfoil

Cover entire tray with aluminum foil and cook ribs for 2.5 hours at 275 degrees Fahrenheit. If the racks you are cooking are small or very thin you should reduce this cooking time to 2 hours.

fully cooked ribs

Check the ribs to make sure they are done. If you grab the rib bones you should be able to gently separate them without using too much force. If the ribs are not quite ready to fall off the bone then give them another 20 to 30 minutes in the oven.

cooked ribs

Separate the ribs from the cooked onions. The onions can be drained and diced up for use in other dishes like potato salad since they have a wonderful pork flavor from stewing in the fat from the ribs.

BBQ ribs

The ribs are already cooked but flashing them on the BBQ at high heat helps to caramelize the fat on the ribs. Once you have let both sides of the ribs crisp up, apply a generous dose of BBQ sauce to both sides. Let the BBQ char a little, but do not let it burn.

fall off the bone BBQ ribs

It is so easy to make fall off the bone BBQ ribs perfectly every time with this recipe. The best part is that other than chopping an onion or two there is hardly any work at all involved with making this meal. Perfect BBQ ribs are sure to please just about anyone, but be certain to use a high quality BBQ sauce to really nail the flavor and make this dish a winner.

I had a lot of rib failures and tough ribs before finding this recipe. Looking back I wonder how I managed to mess them up for so long since the recipe for perfect fall off the bone ribs is so easy! If you try making these, and you should, please leave a comment below and let me know how they turned out for you. When made with my home made BBQ sauce recipe these ribs can compare with any smokehouse or competition level ribs recipe out there.

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