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Cooking is something that I am very passionate about. I love food and learning about how to prepare different kinds of food that I enjoy. I think it is a shame that so many people do not know how to cook and rely on pre-made food, frozen food and fast food to survive. In this cooking blog you will learn about how to cook some of my favorite recipes, all starting from scratch, so that you can begin to own your kitchen. Cooking is not hard but it does require a little bit of artistic flair and a passion for learning and trying new things. Check out some of my most popular dishes:

how to make vietnamese pho
How To Make Traditional Vietnamese Pho Noodle Soup - Pho is the most iconic and well known dish from Vietnam. What appears to be a simple beef broth and rice noodle soup is actually a very complicated recipe that takes a long time to make. Learn what pho is, how to make it, and the lengths that some people (like me) will go to learn a real, authentic recipe for this soup.

the best chocolate chip cookies in the world
The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe In The World - I have spent my life looking for the single best chocolate chip cookie recipe I could find. After a lifetime of baking and eating chocolate chip cookies this is the recipe that beats all other variations. Cookies are like Highlanders...there can be only one!

how to make fall off the bone ribs
How To Make Fall Off The Bone BBQ Ribs - Making perfect fall off the bone ribs is easy with this simple recipe. Hardly any work at all and in less than three hours you will have ribs as good as any BBQ restaurant.

how to make BBQ sauce
How To Make BBQ Sauce - Learn how to make this amazing sweet and tangy tomato based BBQ sauce. This is the perfect sauce for chicken, ribs or pulled pork and only takes a few minutes to make. You can also personalize this sauce with a ton of interesting ingredients.

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