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Results From Extremely High pH In Pool Water

This is a very interesting case about an indoor concrete pool that was left running for almost a year with no chemical testing or balancing. This system was running a salt water chlorinator that must have kept the water clear enough to not turn green as the pool water was not green on arrival. It was however very turbid and the full extent of the calcification was not realized until the pool was drained.

The customer had used the pool after a long period of neglect and had mentioned that one of his children received a cut on their foot. This prompted the call for service and the video results that you see here.

In this case we were able to scrape the calcium together which left a (mostly) smooth interior surface. We then acid washed and scrubbed the pool before refilling. In this instance, operating the pool and maintaining a proper water balance was enough to remove the remaining calcium from the walls and floor. This customer was extremely lucky that there does not appear to be any permanent damage to the interior surface, glass tiles or the metal handrails in the pool. The equipment we had on hand was not able to get an accurate pH and calcium hardness levels but the pH was believed to be over 10 and the calcium hardness levels over 1000ppm. What is most interesting is that the salt cell was able to keep the pool clean as it must have been calcified completely. The equipment had all been removed prior to our arrival as there was some mechanical work being done by another company in the house and they took on the task of replacing the pool equipment. It is possible, as this pool is indoors, that the water did not turn green since there is less contamination, UV degradation of chlorine etc.

If you can provide Swimming Pool Steve with more information about the chemical process involved with percipitating this much calcium from pool water, steve would be interested in hearing from you for a brief email exchange to discuss this in greater detail.