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Swimming Pool Accessory Reviews

As a pool and spa professional there are a number of products that I have encountered over the years that stand out as being specifically useful, innovative or helpful to have - and for whatever reason, not commonplace. This page is to help pool and spa owners by connecting them with useful products for their pool that they might not have been aware of. These range from things as simple as test strips or deep leaf nets and range up to automation systems for total backyard control.

Why pool owners use tiny, 1" deep leaf nets I will never know. If you want to stop playing around and start skimming leaves off your pool like a pro then you need a leaf net that a professional would use. This Professional Quality Leaf Net is extremely heavy duty and almost 20" wide to make quick and easy work of skimming your pool. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee making this purchase a "no brainer" for any pool owner.

Every pool owner should have a tube of this Teflon Based Lubricant . This product should be added to every o-ring and rubber gasket on your pool system at minimum once per year. This includes valves, unions, pump O-rings and any other rubber gasket in your pool system. It is extremely important that a pool specific product like this teflon based lubricant is used and never petroleum based lubricants like vaseline.

It is very useful to have the ability to test for phosphates in your swimming pool. These Pool & Spa Phosphate Test Strips work in one minute and will tell you whether you have a problem with algae-feeding phosphates in your water. This is not something that is tested for with your average pool chemistry test strips or with regular water lab testing. If you have phosphates in your water, even in smaller levels, you will be unable to maintain your water clarity and keep algae at bay. Phosphates are like an unlimited all-you-can-eat buffet for organic growth in your pool and you need to reduce phosphate levels in order for your chlorine sanitizer to do its job.

More of a design upgrade than a "must have" for any pool owner, these S.R Smith Artisan Series Pool Hand Rail pair are something unique and very uncommon you can use to upgrade the look of your pool. In the world of pool ladder and handrails there are very few options out there, almost none, making these an interesting option to consider if you really want your pool to look different.

These Skimmer Socks are meant to help capture smaller debris in your skimmer basket - like pollen, silt, pine needles and small pieces of leaves that would otherwise end up passing through the pump before being captured by the filter. These skimmer socks are a smart addition to almost any pool and should be considered requisite equipment for pools surrounded by pine trees. Pine needle pass through the mesh of skimmer and pump strainer baskets and can cause the impeller of the pump to jam. For pools with pine needle problems these skimmer socks are a life saver.

If you have been reading on this website for a while you have probably encountered a few references to Sacrificial Anodes and Galvanic Corrosion. To prevent the damaging effects of this electromechanical process every swimming pool should have a sacrificial anode installed in the pump room. This is the 1.5" Sacrificial Anode version as well as Anti-Electrolysis Weights that should go in the skimmer basket on your pool. You can also get anti-electrolysis anodes that Bolt To Your Ladder or handrails in the pool. Ideally you should have all of these sacrificial anodes installed on your pool for maximum protection against damage from galvanic corrosion. Typically speaking they will need to replaced once every 3 years or when they have reduced in size by half - whichever comes first.

Lounging by the pool listening to your favorite music is great but you can avoid the concern for your phone getting wet with this handy Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker. Float around in the pool with this in the cupholder or just leave it on the coping ledge instead of bringing your expensive phone to the pool.

Using a solar blanket on your pool should be a no-brainer for chemical and heat efficiency as well as water conservation as they vastly reduce evaporation due to the reduced surface area of the pool exposed to wind. Solar blankets are difficult to manage and a solar blanket roller helps with this but leaves a little to be desired in terms of functionality. The first time I encountered this roller in a backyard I was immediately impressed with its design and ease of use. I was shocked to learn at a later time just how affordable they are if your order one online. Everyone should have this Solar Cover Blanket Reel which is suitable for pools up to 20x40' in size.

There is no reason that you (or me) needs to pull dead and bloated critters from your pool including rabbits, frogs, mice, squirrels etc. This product is the Froglog floating lifesaver raft and is the last chance to escape for any critters that find themselves treading water in your pool. Place next to your skimmer just before the water reaches your skimmer for optimal performance.

There are few things more important to pool ownership than to check the water chemistry levels regularly and make balance adjustments as needed. In order to do this efficiently and effectively you will need a reliable way to test the water like with this Taylor water test kit. While there are many versions of at home testing available for pool and spa water, each of them has their advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the day the most reliable water analysis you can do at home is with a titration kit like this. Test strips are not scientifically accurate for pH measurements and can often develop erroneous readings for other chemical values. Even if you use a water lab regularly having this set at home can help you to find problems as they are developing and before you have a full grown algae bloom on your hands!

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