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The Best Swimming Pool Toys

When I was young we didn't have awesome pool toys. The best pool toy we could hope for was some leaves and sticks (and worms) on the bottom of the pool - and we were lucky to have them! Well, this might be a tad of an overstatement as pool toys have traditionally always been available. It just so happens that the quantity, quality and diversity of pool toys has increased by orders of magnitude even in the last ten years alone.

It used to be the best pool toys were a beach ball, or a set of goggles, or at absolute best an air mattress or dingy to float on. It was up to us to make our own fun with these items. Even just closing your eyes and yelling for "Marco" was the source of hours of entertainment for kids in the pool. Not any more. The level of available pool toys has changed so dramatically you will hardly even believe what is now available:

In an attempt to not blow your mind completely with how awesome pool toys are now I am listing these Toypedo Diving Darts as first on this list - because they are a number 1 best selling item on Amazon which means that what was cool and fun to us twenty years ago is apparently still cool and fun. It is not that the pool toys that we used to have do not exist - they just simply pale in comparison to what is on the market for spoiled kids these days. Diving darts are a great source of fun, exercise and they encourage kids to develop stronger swimming skills (all while making them tired) but you may find these a tad lackluster once you see the remaining items on this list!

STOP! If you have never heard about Watermelon Ball then you have been severely missing out! Based on an actual watersport game involving a real, actual watermelon, this is a pool toy designed to look and feel exactly like a real watermelon. Based on the original game and filled with water instead of air, the watermelon ball is extremely durable, and can be passed underwater up to 10 feet away!

Here is an inflatable Star Wars Death Star Beach Ball. As a perfect example of how things have improved in the world of pool toys just look at this "beach ball". When I was young a beach ball was multi-colored and usually had a McDonalds or Kentucky Fried Chicken logo on it somewhere - now beach balls look like the Death Star from Star Wars and they even light up. We did not have internally illuminated beach balls back in the olden' days - we were happy if our beach ball only had a few slow leaks in it!

This interesting item is a Giant Inflatable Swimming Pool Water Wheel Toy. Let's be totally honest for a moment here. You only bought a swimming pool in an attempt to tire your kids out enough that you can actually get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. Since our cards are on the table now...why not just buy this child-sized gerbil wheel and get the job done. No child can resist running like an idiot on an imaginary treadmill - plus this toy is safe enough to monitor your kids through the bottom of a wine glass. When we were young our parents would ask us how fast we could swim the length of the pool. Now, just toss junior into this inflatable hamster wheel and watch them rotate their way inefficiently around the pool until you need to fish them out with a leaf net for bed time.

This Inflatable Play Center Waterslide is enough to make any little kid squeal with delight. It used to be that if your pool did not come equipped with a waterslide then you were out of luck, Jack. Not today! Now you can buy a decently sized inflatable waterslide complete with jet hose sprayers for less than a hundred dollars. This surprisingly large inflatable slide (135" x 81" x 50") is a perfect example of how far pool toys have come in recent years.

This Log Flume Joust Set would have been perfect for my brother and I when we were younger. We could have spent the long summer days beating the holy hell out of each other, a la American Gladiators, with this awesome pool toy. While lightweight and inflatable this pool toy would provide more than enough force to batter your opponent senseless - a perfect solution to kids who will just not stop fighting. Give them the gift of floating warfare and sanction them in a "no holds barred" pool duel.

Having a Giant Inflatable Swan is one way to establish your dominance in the swimming pool. At over 76" in length, this inflatable pool toy is somewhere between a lounger and owning an actual pony that you can ride into your swimming pool. While this swan is large enough for multiple kids to ride at once you can be rest assured they will instead fight tooth and nail over whose turn it is now.

Another fantastic pool inflatable toy is this Sea-Saw Rocker that holds up to 200 lbs! This extremely large inflatable is not ideally suited to smaller or above ground pools due to its size but if you are looking for the ultimate in inflatable pool toy fun this is certainly one worth considering. This toy also doubles as a floating lounger as well as a slide - great for kids.

Gone are the days of a ratty old leaking air mattress as a pool floating lounger. Check out this huge pool lounger if you want to float in the lap of luxury. Large enough for three people, or one omnipotent ruler, depending on how you prefer to float, this would make a fantastic addition to any pool. Better than most loungers, this raft has a sun shade attached to it to help keep you out of the sun after you fall asleep!

Back when I was younger, any kid who had a Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter for their pool would have been a king among men. While designed for children, these underwater scooters are powerful enough to drag a full grown man around the pool for hours - for children this is the epitome of amazing pool toys. Rated for up to 15' in depth and speeds up to 4 kilometers per hour, this pool toy is the crowning example of how rough we used to have it - and how spoiled kids are these days. Pay no attention to the father that will not let his kids use this item because he is having too much fun himself - this is all just a figment of your imagination!

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