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2019 Pleatco Perfect Pool Guy Contest Entry

With a near-win last year in the 2018 Pleatco Perfect Pool Guy & Gal Contest, and winning the Pleatco 2018 Pool & Spa Industry Leadership Award and a trip to Las Vegas and the International Pool & Spa Expo, how could I not send in another video entry this year? Pleatco has awarded the Perfect Pool Guy / Gal award exclusively to people who submit videos and so I knew that I had to send one in myself if I stood a chance at bringing home the gold this year. I have been contacted by a few clients, fans and industry professionals to say that they nominated me again this year for the contest so I put together this little number for you all.

Living in Canada, a vast frozen wasteland, us pool professionals up here need to take up hobbies in the off season. Some of us work plowing snow while others hole up inside and try to stay warm. For myself I find that the end of the pool season up here is especially hard...so I turn to music to help brighten my day. That is why I have decided to share this little parody song with you as my formal video entry for the 2019 Pleatco Perfect Pool Guy Contest. With any luck I will find myself once again in select company for the finals of this contest.

What does winning the Perfect Pool Guy Contest mean to me?

2019 Pleatco Perfect Pool Guy Contest Entry - Swimming Pool Steve

Some people have a lot of fun with this contest while others might not see the value in the time, energy and resources spent pursuing such an award. My take is that we should all be grateful that Pleatco (and Genesis) endeavor to put on such a contest within our industry. These companies could just as easily spend their advertising dollars on Google Ads but instead they choose to put on a celebration of sorts, the likes of which other trades and industries should be envious of. We are lucky to have this. Our industry lacks official designation as a trade and so we miss out on a lot of the other luxuries afforded to other trades. We should take the opportunity to have fun and enjoy ourselves every chance we get, and this is a wholesome and well intentioned contest that I can tell you first hand - is a TON of fun if you make the finals!

So aside from the obvious, that winning the Pleatco Perfect Pool Guy title would be amazing, this contest holds an important personal meaning for me. I was forced into an early retirement from building pools, the only thing I have ever really done, and I ended up carving out a niche for myself with my technical knowledge, humor and detailed writing style. This was never in the plan. I intended to build pools for the rest of my career but due to unforeseen circumstances I have had to switch into a new career path. The only reason that any of you know who I am, and the reason why I won the 2018 Industry Leadership Award, is for my writing and videos for the www.SwimmingPoolSteve.com website. To win the Pleatco Perfect Pool Guy Award not for building pools, but as a writer within the industry, would be an incredible accomplishment.

It has been a road with many twists and turns but at the end of the day I have given my entire life to the pool industry. I have worked to change it for the better in unique ways, and in doing so I have reached millions of pool and spa owners, service professionals and builders - all in an attempt to establish congruency of technical procedure such that we ALL can improve and enhance our experiences of owning, building and servicing swimming pools.

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