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Pentair SuperFlo Unboxing

Pentair Superflo Unboxing Video
The Pentair SuperFlo variable speed pump is easily one of the most popular pumps currently. A lot of people choose this pump specifically over other comparable models because Pentair has as good of a name as you can get in terms of quality within the pool industry, with the majority of that good faith having been generated by their impressively reliable pump lineup in specific. The SuperFlo VS, part #3420021, is the smaller of the two most popular variable speed pumps from Pentair. As both the entry level pump in terms of price, but also the only of the two main variable speed pumps from Pentair that can effectively operate on 1.5" plumbing lines, the SuperFlo VS enjoys a unique position within the market.

High quality pump, components and brand name

Variable speed design for maximum electrical savings

Works on 1.5" pipe, 2" pipe or even larger

Compatible with both 115 volts or 230 volt systems

The popularity of the SuperFlo variable speed pump is a matter of "ticking all the boxes" so to speak. There are a lot of pool owners who don't know 100% for sure whether they have 115 volts or 230 volts without first getting an electrician involved. With something like the SuperFlo VS where the pump can accept either/or as the input voltage then this removes all fear of making the purchase...at least in regards to the electrical availability. Many people with older pools will have a minimally adequate 115 volt circuit right now, but they intend to upgrade this into a more functional 230 volt service at the pool equipment pad. Again the SuperFlo VS is in select company simply by being able to handle both voltages. Buy and use it at 115 volts now, and when you get around to upgrading your electrical service at the equipment pad you can simply supply the pump with the new input voltage.

What Comes With The Pentair SuperFlo VS Pump?

When you open the box for your new SuperFlo VS you will find that it is almost ready to go right out of the box. You will need to provide a wiring connection to the back corner, under the control keypad interface. The electrical threads are standard 1/2" such that an L-16 box connector would fit. Electrical box strain relief connectors should be waterproof, which makes them a lot more expensive than the non-waterproof alternative. It is worth the effort to pay more for proper water sealed electrical connections for your pool pump.

Once the electrical has been connected you can plumb the pump in place. Pentair includes two unions with your pump which attach to the suction and discharge ports. The O-rings come pre-lubricated but could benefit from a little extra silicone based lubricant to help make sure they seat and seal well against the flange on the pump. If you prefer you could also use any PVC 1.5" male adapter and thread into the pump suction and outlet ports directly, but for most people the unions provided will be the best option. If you have 2" plumbing on your system then you can glue a 2" slip coupling over the outside of the unions provided by Pentair. For 1.5" pipe the unions are a slip connection that you simply glue your 1.5" pipe directly into.

The pump lid will include an O-ring that also should be regularly greased up with a silicone based lubricant. Be aware of this O-ring and be sure to not lose it or have it get squished by the lid if it manages to slip off as you are putting the lid back on the pump. O-rings falling off are common enough that if you ever can not prime your pump suddenly, you should inspect the O-rings on all of your equipment, paying special attention to the ground area around your pool equipment where an O-ring might fall. The strainer basket in the pump is important to prevent debris from getting into the impeller where it could cause damage. It is also important that you clean the pump strainer basket regularly as a full strainer basket can restruct flow and can result in the pump working much harder (and hotter) than it should be.

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When it comes to plumbing pool pumps bigger pipe is always better so if you have the option of 1.5" or 2" then always go with the larger. Technically speaking even 2" pipe leaves room for improvement still so 1.5" can be considered significantly less efficient than the larger pipes can be. You should have five times the pipe diameter you are using as a straight and unobstructed run on both the inlet and outlet ports for most efficient flow dynamics. This is especially important on the suction side of the pump where often a 90 degree fitting is plumbed in, which can lead to early pump failure. Pump rooms for pools are always too small so equipment tends to get cramped in place. Since you are investing in a more expensive pump you definitely want to give it the room it needs to function effectively.

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