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Swimming Pool Equipment Review Consulting

Swimming Pool Equipment Review Consulting
The unfortunate reality is that most pool equipment, pumps, filters and heaters, do not get installed optimally. With shocking regularity integral pool components are not even installed in accordance with the specific installation instructions directly from the manufacturer. So what happens when this happens? The pool equipment probably still works anyway. Mostly. At least for a while. In all but the most egregious installations the new equipment will "work" however you can be certain that pool equipment installed improperly will definitely not last as long as it could potentially if it were installed better.

Did you see my video series of pool equipment installation reviews where almost every single system had deficiencies. From ridiculous attempts at plumbing or repairs, all the way up to and including seriously dangerous situations, I was able to identify serious flaws and system deficiencies which have absolutely no reason to be there at all. Yet time and again these common problems are found. If your pool equipment is installed incorrectly or sub-optimally you can expect:

Your pool equipment will fail earlier than it should

Your warranty will not cover your equipment repairs

Your pool will cost more to operate

Your filtration will not function as well as it could

If you could improve the efficiency of your system by reducing the resistance to flow then you could run your pump at a slightly lower RPM and still get the same flow rate you get now with a slightly higher RPM. In this example of a 500 RPM pump power difference you can see that reducing from 3450 RPM to 2950 RPM was able to reduce the total energy consumption by about 800 Watts, or 0.8 kW. For every hour the pump operates that would be 0.8 kWh of electricity you consumed. At the nationwide average for power at thirteen cents ($0.131 USA / $0.133 Canada) this means reducing the speed of the pump by only 500 RPM would save you 10.4 cents.

$2.49 per day

$911.04 after one year

$6377.08 based on an 84 month service cycle projection.

People plumb in pool systems like they are late for a lunch date somewhere, but in reality the smallest improvements can have substantial financial implications. Or more so that failing to install the system optimally is taking thousands of dollars directly out of your pocket - and this calculation is ONLY for one or two small changes to improve the hydraulic design and reduce resistance to flow. This does not even count the thousands in potential savings from early failure of pumps, filters, heaters, salt water systems...how sure are you that your system is perfectly designed and optimally installed?

To have your pool equipment installation reviewed by Swimming Pool Steve please submit your payment of $49 here:

After you have submitted your payment please email Steve with pictures of your installation at SwimmingPoolSteve@gmail.com

You will receive a prompt reply from me in regards to your equipment installation. The pictures should include at least two general overview pictures, plus a picture of each individual component. No need to overdo it. If more pictures are needed I will let you know. If you email large picture files you can only send a few so either be economical with your pictures, or resize them to be smaller. You can also use file sharing services like Google Drive or DropBox if that is something you are comfortable with. If you find that you are not satisfied with your answer, or if I am unable to provide the information that you need, simply request a refund to receive a complete return of your payment.

Need To Know Information:

1) All pool equipment installation review consulting questions are done through email only, which includes being able to email or share clear pictures of your pool system. This is required in order to provide helpful advice for your pool system.

2) This service is intended to help you to learn about your pool. Your answer will involve reading and understanding a technical response that is probably more complicated than you are expecting it will be. Most pool questions are gray area in nature and there are seldom black and white answers to technical issues.

3) There are limitations to the advice that can be given about your pool without being able to see it in person. You must understand and accept this limitation as part of the "Ask Steve" service. While every attempt to be thorough will be made, there is no replacement for a real world pool industry professional viewing your pool in person.

Remember that you can just ask for a refund if you were not happy with the information that I was able to provide. In the vast majority of cases, almost every case, I will be able to provide you with assistance and information that is relevant and valuable to your situation.

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