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If you want to hire Swimming Pool Steve to help you with your swimming pool or hot tub problem then you will find information listed below about the consulting services offered by Steve. Ranging from individual questions to design, construction and renovation consulting, every one of the services here comes with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee - which you will never need to use. Please view the list of available services below to find the one that suits your needs the best.

Through this website I offer an assortment of consulting packages relating to pools and spas. These services started as a trial in 2014 after the influx of emails and phone calls from this website became unmanageable. For best of intentions it was simply not possible to reply to each person that reached out to me and so I created this paid service where you can be certain that I will receive your question(s) and you will get a reply in a timely manner. In 2020 I revised these service offerings to what you see below. Over the course of the past six years I have successfully consulted on a wide range of pool and spa related projects ranging from water-in-motion off grid pools, to pool and spa systems overlooking the ocean in Beverly Hills, to average backyard pump, filter and chemistry questions. I offer, and stand behind, a satisfaction guaranteed money back refund. To date no person has requested a refund from me. Many of my clients have candidly told me that I am undercharging for my services and that the money they spent on my consulting fees were the single greatest value of their project. I aim to be extremely thorough and it is likely I can help you if you have questions about any aspect of swimming pools or spas. If I can't I will certainly tell you so and you will be entitled to a refund of your payment.

You will find tremendous value in my consulting services, or you can have your money back!

Swimming Pool Steve Consulting Packages

Ask Steve a question $20 - Ask Steve A Question

This is an email service where you can email a question to me and I will attempt to answer it in a meaningful way. This is suitable for basic, straight forward questions that can likely be answered without a back and forth discussion needing to happen. If you are unsure about the nature of your question feel free to reach out to me via email or you can also just proceed with a payment to get started and if there is a problem with your question someone will reach out to you to discuss options with you. Click through to see some of the examples of "Ask Steve" questions and answers, as well reviews I have received from clients using this service.

Pool equipment review $49 - Pool Equipment Installation Review

Even small improvements in your pool plumbing system and equipment installation can vastly improve the efficiency of your filtration system, improve your flow, reduce your pump operating costs, make your equipment last longer and help you to avoid problems qualifying for warranty coverage in the future. It is shocking how often pool equipment is installed poorly and the cold, hard reality is that is going to cost you extra money in bloated running costs and early equipment failures. Click on the link to see an example of how a small improvement to your plumbing system can increase efficiency and save you literally thousands of dollars versus a system less efficiently designed.

Ask Steve all the questions $240 $199 Sale! - 1 Year Membership To Ask Steve

If you already know you are going to need a lot of help with your pool then this option will represent the best value. For only $20 per month you can "Ask Steve" any time you encounter a problem that you don't understand. I will help you to understand your situation, and your options for what to do every time you encounter a question that you are having trouble with. If you are wondering if $20 per month is worth it, I will probably save you more than this on chemicals alone, plus teach you about your pool, how to care for it, how to make it more efficient, and how to make it last as long as possible. Yeah, $20, definitely.

Renovation Consulting $299 - Repairs & Renovations Consulting

If your pool needs repairs or renovations that you intend to take on yourself then this consulting package is critically important to the success of your project. Pool owners drastically underappreciate how technical, and technically challenging, swimming pool renovations and repairs are. Even pool industry workers often skip important technical steps for lack of experience when doing renovations and repairs. Pool owners with little to no pool specific experience, regardless of how determined or otherwise skilled, would benefit greatly from being able to consult with an industry expert about their unique situation. All pools are different and regional building practices make getting accurate generic information from the internet impossible.

Design & Construction Consulting $499 - Design & Construction Consulting

If you are planning to build a swimming pool then it is integral that an industry expert reviews your plans, designs and associated systems like plumbing and filtration systems. Whether a simple backyard pool or a luxury off-grid pool installation for a vacation home in Panama, Costa Rica or anywhere else, the ways in which I can assist you with a successful project are innumerable. It only takes one element of your pool to be wrong to result in a failure of the project as a whole. Aside from the technical improvements I will help to facilitate, this consulting fee is easily worth the peace of mind alone. Click through to see some of the examples of construction consulting projects and reviews I have received from this service.