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Video Blog With Swimming Pool Steve

Welcome to the video blog series by Swimming Pool Steve. In these casual, conversational video blog entries, you will learn about subjects relating to swimming pools and spas from a pool and spa expert. If you have an idea, question or subject that you would like to see Swimming Pool Steve cover in this video blog series please email Steve directly at SwimmingPoolSteve@gmail.com

How to inspect a vinyl liner pool How To Inspect A Vinyl Liner Pool

In this video blog series Swimming Pool Steve talks about how to inspect a vinyl liner pool to determine the current condition as well as to estimate the time left until a renovation of the pool will be required.In total this series is 9 episodes covering eight subjects all specific to vinyl liner pools. The conversational style to this video blog will allow anyone to learn about what they should be watching for when they perform an initial inspection of a vinyl liner pool. This is a great time investment for anyone shopping for a home with a vinyl liner pool as they will have a vastly greater understanding of what to look for by the end of this 1 hour series.

How to inspect a concrete pool How To Inspect A Concrete Pool

In this video blog series Swimming Pool Steve talks about how to inspect a concrete pool to assess the current condition and exactly where into the overall service life of the pool it currently is. This series is currently a total of 8 episodes with a running time of just over one hour - well worth the time investment if you are shopping for real estate with a concrete pool. The information available in this video blog series allows you to confidently perform an initial inspection of the pool and discusses the points at which you should bring in an expert to consult based on your initial inspection findings. A must watch for any person looking to know more about concrete pools, how they break, how to fix them and how long they will last for. Also covered are approximate repair costs for renovation projects associated with concrete pools.

How to winterize a swimming pool How To Winterize A Swimming Pool

Winterizing a swimming pool is the process of preparing it to endure sub-freezing temperature seasons in such a way that all components are protected from freeze and thaw damage. In this 8 part video blog series Steve talks about how to correctly winterize each component of your swimming pool to best protect against the cold. After many thousands of pool closings over a 25+ year career Steve has developed a series of pool winterization techniques that provide the maximum level of protection. In addition to discussing the pool winterization this series also talks about how to add extra levels of protection in the event there is a failure in any of the winterization components or techniques - if you are a pool owner that closes, or wants to close your own pool, this video blog series is a must see.

Pool Equipment Inspections Swimming Pool Equipment Installation - Inspection & Reviews

This video series is almost 50 episodes in length with each one being a video review, walkthrough, inspection and deficiency notation for residential swimming pool equipment installations. Most commonly included are pumps, filters, heaters and salt water chlorine systems as well as pipe and plumbing materials, industry standards, efficiency improvement tips and a host of valuable advice that every pool owner should hear for themselves. If you own a swimming pool you will learn more than you ever thought you needed to know from this series. After watching even a handful of these video reviews you will absolutely be able to find deficiencies in your own pool system - guaranteed! If you want to learn how to properly install swimming pool equipment then this video series is where you start.

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