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Swimming Pool Slide Reviews

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Buying a slide for your swimming pool is a fairly expensive addition to your pool but one that can provide an enhanced swimming experience - especially to children. While a slide can be the central focus of hundreds of hours of summer fun in the pool for your kids and grandchildren it is important to recognize the potential for risk when you add a slide to your pool.

Adding a slide to your pool will increase the potential for serious accidents happening around your pool

The only acceptable level of preparedness for installing a pool slide is to understand and admit the potential for danger in owning one. If you are to have a slide then your pool area must be controlled and safety protocol for children should be established and enforced. A pool slide is second only to diving boards for potential for danger around the pool.

Can I Install My Own Pool Slide?

Yes, and in some areas you might just need to. Due to the liability associated with slides (and diving boards) many pool installers do not provide these services to their customers. As a result many pool owners look towards the internet to buy slides online and install them on their own. Fortunately, pool slides are very easy to install and just about anyone with basic hand tool skill and power tool skill (small hammer drill and concrete deck anchors) can install one themselves. In most cases the slide will come in multiple pieces which will key and bolt together, and the base of the slide will need to be bolted to the pool deck.

A skilled installer could potentially install a simple pool slide in under an hour. For the average pool owner a few hours will be plenty of time to unpack the pieces, lay them out near the pool edge, and install the anchors for the base into the deck. Since most pool slides these days are modular, the pieces will key in (fit together) and take only minutes to assemble once the base has been secured.

Water supply for pool slides is something that would typically be provided by the pump running the circulation system. In theory, a slide is installed at the time the pool is built and an extra valved line is added to the return manifold of the pool equipment installation. This would allow for you to turn a valve and divert some of the water returning to the pool to the top of the slide. This would not be efficient for heat and chemical retention in the water so you would then turn the valve off when you are done using the slide.

If you are installing the slide at any point after the pool has been installed then you will not have this setup, or underground plumbing running to your slide location. You can run a 3/4" line to the slide location by trenching it into the ground and adapting it to the plumbing system of the pool. If you have a concrete deck you may need to open a section of concrete deck to run the supply line to the correct location (usually one of the ladder stair legs). This could all amount to quite a bit of work - more than installing the slide itself by far. If you want to install the slide but the thought of the plumbing aspect seems daunting then you could simply run a garden hose on the ground to the ladder any time you want to use the slide, but this source water will be very cold. Ideally you could have a 3/4" hose bib added to the pool return manifold with a manually controlled valve. When you want to use the slide simply run a garden hose from the return manifold to the slide and open the valve.

A valve installation like this would also be suitable for draining your pool if you do not have a built in drain for lowering the pool level during overflow periods like those experienced during heavy rains

What Is The Best Pool Slide?

So much of your decision on which pool slide to buy will depend on style and color - two things that are completely subjective. That being said there are some things to consider that will help you find the right product. First and foremost is the material that the slide is made from. In previous decades ladders were most commonly aluminum and fiberglass. The concern with aluminum is that any metal near to the pool will oxidize fairly rapidly, and in the event of a salt water pool advanced rates of galvanic corrosion could dramatically increase the speed that this happens.

In the event of an aftermarket installation (adding a slide after the pool is built already) it will be very difficult to include the aluminum components of the slide into the bonding grid. To do this you would need to expose the current bonding grid, most commonly by taking out a section of concrete and adding a bonding wire to the rebar grid of a concrete pool or pool wall if it is a vinyl liner pool. This is the reason that almost all slides are completely made of composite plastic materials, and also the reason why picking up an older, used aluminum slide may not be a great idea.

Swimming Pool Slide Comparison

The entry level from S.R. Smith is the Cyclone Right Curve Pool Slide It is available in right curve only and is smaller in size, suitable for children.

Height: 4' 1" (3' 2" to seat)
Flume length: 6' 10"
Minimum Deck Space Needed: 6' 8" x 5' 6"
Maximum weight: 175 lbs
Colors: Gray Granite, Sandstone or Taupe

The S.R. Smith Typhoon Pool Slide is a fully composite pool slide that is available in both left curve as well as right curve.

Height: 7' 4" (6' 6" to seat)
Flume length: 9' 10"
Minimum Deck Space Needed: 11' 8" x 4' 3"
Maximum weight: 275 lbs
Colors: Gray Granite or Sandstone

The S.R. Smith TurboTwister Pool Slide is a very tall residential pool slide, available in both right curve and left curve models.

Height: 8' 7" (7" 2" to seat)
Flume length: 14' 4"
Minimum Deck Space Needed: 13' 6" x 6' 7"
Maximum weight: 275 lbs
Colors: Gray Granite or Sandstone

The S.R.Smith HeliX Pool Slide is a full size, 360 degree turning slide available in the orientation as pictured only.

Height: 7' 4" (6' 6" to seat)
Flume length: 12' 8"
Minimum Deck Space Needed: 9' 0" x 5' 0"
Maximum weight: 250 lbs
Colors: Gray Granite or Sandstone

The S.R. Smith Rogue2 Pool Slide is available in both left curve and right curve and is an affordable, entry level full size pool slides. For surface mounting to deck you will need the Deck-Mounted Anchor Flange Kit

Height: 8' (6'6" to seat")
Flume length: 9' 3"
Minimum Deck Space Needed: 10' 7" x 5' 6"
Maximum weight: 250 lbs
Colors: Blue, White, Gray, Taupe

The entry level from Inter-Fab is the Zoomerang Pool Slide which is smaller, ideal for children, and is available in a right hand curve model only.

Height: 4' 0" (3' 1" to seat)
Flume length: not published
Minimum Deck Space Needed: 8' 0" x 4' 0"
Maximum weight: 200 lbs
Colors: White

The Inter-Fab White Water Slide is available in both left curve and right curve models - and with a seat height of 4' is less than a full size slide.

Height: 5' 2" (4' 1" to seat)
Flume length: not published
Minimum Deck Space Needed: 12' 0" x 5' 0"
Maximum weight: 250 lbs
Colors: White, Blue, Tan or Gray

The Inter-Fab CITY2 Pool Slide is an entry level, full size pool slide available in left curve and right curve orientations.

Height: 7' 6" (6' 0" to seat)
Flume length: 10' 8"
Minimum Deck Space Needed: 12' 0" x 5' 0"
Maximum weight: 225 lbs
Colors: White, Blue, Tan or Gray

The Inter-Fab Wild Ride Pool Slide comes in left and right hand curve orientations and is the most popular slide from Inter-Fab.

Height: 7' 8" (6' 4" to seat)
Flume length: not published
Minimum Deck Space Needed: 12' 0" x 5' 0"
Maximum weight: 250 lbs
Colors: White, Blue, Tan or Gray

The Inter-Fab X-Stream2 Pool Slide is a unique 2-turn pool slide design that can be assembled in left or right curve orientations.

Height: 7' 6" (6' 1" to seat)
Flume length: not published
Minimum Deck Space Needed: 14' 0" x 8' 6"
Maximum weight: 250 lbs
Colors: Gray

The Inter-Fab G-Force Pool Slide is a 360 degree, twisting flume slide that is large enough for kids and most adults.

Height: 7' 4" (6' 0" to seat)
Flume length: not published
Minimum Deck Space Needed: 8' 6" x 7' 2"
Maximum weight: 250 lbs
Colors: Tan or Gray

The Inter-Fab Adrenaline Pool Slide is the largest residential pool slide from Inter-Fab in both height and length - and also the highest weight limit. Available in right or left curve models.

Height: 8' 5" (7' 0" to seat)
Flume length: 16' 8"
Minimum Deck Space Needed: 14' 6" x 8' 0"
Maximum weight: 300 lbs
Colors: Gray

Slides For Use With Salt Water Swimming Pools

Since salt can be corrosive to metals, and adding salt to your pool water will increase the rate of galvanic corrosion in the water, some pool slides containing mostly metal components will be advertised as not for use with salt water pools. Composite, plastic, resin, acrylic or fiberglass slides that are completely free of metal components would be the only slides certain to not experience damage from salt water. Any metal component in a pool slide, whether stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized steel can deteriorate quickly given the wrong set of circumstances.

To protect against damage, all metal slides should be electrically bonded as part of the bonding grid of the pool, which is grounded to the main electrical panel of the house. This will reduce the potential for the metal of the slide to act as an anode in a galvanic couple with your pool (with the salt water being the electrolyte). A pool slide containing stainless steel components could be installed on a salt water pool - but you are unlikely to find a manufacturer willing to advertise that this slide would be "guaranteed" to not fail early. The reality is that aluminum and stainless steel pool slides have been installed in commercial and residential settings for many decades - and while most of those would not have been salt water pools, since chlorine is salt based the damaging effects of galvanic corrosion would still exist. If you bond the slide to the bonding grid and install sacrificial anodes to the slide itself (just like how you would for a stainless steel pool ladder) then it is possible that a non-salt water rated slide could be used on a salt water pool however there can be no guarantee against failure.

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