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Resources For Pool & Spa Owners

How to make fake rocks How To Make Fake Rocks

Learn how to make fake rocks and artificial stone garden statues using the tips and techniques developed by Steve over thousands of hours of practice, trial and error. Moai head statues, landscaping stones, address markers and tons of pictures and information on how to paint the most realistic looking fake rocks.

pool equipment installation review videos Pool Equipment Installation Reviews

In this 50 part video review series Steve talks through common deficiencies with swimming pool equipment installations. Incuding pump, filter, heater, salt water, mineral cartridge, check valves, sacrificial anodes, dangerous system pressures and much more. A must see for every pool owner.

swimming pools 101 Swimming Pools 101

If you are new to owning a swimming pool this section covers the basics of equipment operation, types of swimming pools and common care and maintenance advice for swimming pools and spas. Learn how to measure pool water volume, how to calculate flow rates for pump & filter circulation as well as descriptions of common pool peripheral items and what they do in your swimming pool (such as salt water generators or ozone systems).

pool leak detection Pool Leak Detection

If you suspect that you have a leak somewhere in your swimming pool then this detailed guide will walk you through the process of how to test, isolate and repair leaks in any swimming pool. This article covers evaporation, bucket testing, dye testing and pressure testing as well as information about how pools are built and where they tend to break.

pool tips videos Swimming Pool Videos

Through an ongoing video series Swimming Pool Steve highlights many common problems encountered by swimming pool and spa owners. Learn directly from a swimming pool industry expert the answer to commonly asked questions, common pool failures and troubleshooting information for all makes and models of swimming pools and spas. Feel free to email Swimming Pool Steve directly with your specific pool questions which he will answer in this video section.

hot tub tips videos Hot Tub Videos

Since poorly maintained and chemically treated hot tubs can be so dangerous it is important for spa owners to learn and understand how to properly and safely maintain their spa. This section contains some of the most common problems and concerns that hot tub owners will encounter and tips for how to keep your spa clean, clear and safe at all times.

pool water chemistry Water Chemistry Crash Course

Swimming Pool Steve has helped thousands of pool and spa owners to understand water balancing and chemistry. While a very in depth topic, Swimming Pool Steve has created a 10 minute water chemistry crash course that covers the basics of what you need to know to keep your pool or hot tub clean and clear...and most importantly - safe!

Pool safety cover How To Install A Pool Safety Cover

Swimming Pool Steve walks through the measuring, ordering and installation of a swimming pool safety cover. Learn how to measure and install both rectangular as well as free form covers into any type of deck material - grass, garden , wood, concrete or stone. If you are thinking that you want to install your own safety cover then this guide will be very valuable.

Pool liner installation How To Install A Pool Liner

In this very detailed step by step guide Steve teaches you how to install a vinyl liner in any pool. Everything is included with pictures, diagrams and videos of the entire process as well as a huge article that is a must read for any person who is considering installing their own pool liner.

How to paint a concrete pool How To Paint A Pool

If you have an older concrete pool and are faced with huge renovation costs, or if you need to get a few more years out of your current paint - even though you don't know what kind of paint that you have, this tutorial will help you. See how a swimming pool professional would paint an older concrete pool on a very tight budget.

How to patch concrete Concrete Mixes 101

If you need to do some repairs to your concrete, whether a patch in your pool plaster, or just fixing cracks in your pool deck, this concrete working tutorial will teach you how to work with concrete, every common concrete mix recipe you will need and tips on how to get professional results when working with concrete.

How to install pool solar heat Pool Solar Heaters

Adding a solar heater to your pool is the lowest cost form of pool heat possible. These can be used as a stand alone heating option as well as to supplement gas heaters or electric heat pumps.