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1 Year Ask Steve Membership

Ask Swimming Pool Steve 1 year membership

Membership for the Swimming Pool Steve consulting service will give you one full year of unlimited access to the "Ask Steve" consulting service. Learn from a leading swimming pool industry expert everything that you want to know about your pool, how it works, how to care for it, how to make it more efficient and how to make it last as long as possible. This membership will be the most valuable money that you spend on your swimming pool, period.

To open a question request with Swimming Pool Steve please submit your payment of $240 NOW $199 here:

After you have submitted your payment please email your question to Steve at SwimmingPoolSteve@gmail.com

Need To Know Information:

1) All "Ask Steve" consulting questions are done through email. This is required due to the complex technical nature of pools so that you will have information you can refer back to in the future.

2) This service is intended to help you to learn about your pool. Your answer will involve reading and understanding a technical response that is probably more complicated than you are expecting it will be. Most pool questions are gray area in nature and there are seldom black and white answers to technical issues.

3) There are limitations to the advice that can be given about your pool without being able to see it in person. You must understand and accept this limitation as part of the "Ask Steve" service. While every attempt to be thorough will be made, there is no replacement for a real world pool industry professional viewing your pool in person.

Remember that you can just ask for a refund if you were not happy with the information that I was able to provide. In the vast majority of cases, almost every case, I will be able to provide you with assistance and information that is relevant and valuable to your situation.

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