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Swimming Pool Renovation & Repair Consulting

Swimming pool renovation and repair consulting

If you are planning a large scale renovation, or are attempting a do-it-yourself repair project on your pool then you would benefit greatly from having an expert to ask all of your questions to. With the Swimming Pool Steve renovation and repair consulting service you can now pay a one time consulting fee and you will have access to an expert opinion throughout your project. Repairs and renovations for swimming pools are exceedingly complex and having access to someone with experience is critically important if you want your project to be successful. For this service there is no time limit and you are purchasing assistance with your repair or renovation regardless of the length of time it takes to complete.

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You are free to email your questions to me throughout the duration of your project with this service and you will always receive answers as a priority. Considering the costs associated with repairs and large scale renovations, this consulting fee is a tremendous value to make sure your project goes smoothly. In this consulting I will provide answers to any of your questions or concerns, however please note:

Need To Know Information:

1) You are paying to have access to a second opinion, or an industry expert that you can bounce ideas off of, not a swimming pool contractor. This service DOES NOT include me educating your installer or local contractor on how to renovate a swimming pool. While every effort will be given to provide answers to your questions, there is no replacement for being on-site and I will not under any circumstances speak with your installers or local pool service people directly. That is your job as the pool owner. The Swimming Pool Steve consulting service is meant to help educate you and teach you what you need to learn in order to ask informed questions. Additionally you will learn about technical process, pool specific products and applications, as well as major areas of concern that you should be aware of.

2) Swimming pool work involves skilled trades and without experience there are some aspects that can not and should not be attempted by someone outside of the pool industry. I can explain how to plaster a pool from beginning to end, but there is absolutely no chance you can successfully plaster your own pool without multiple people working who all have developed these exact trade skills through years of practical experience. It is not reasonable that I can teach you multiple skilled trades via email. I can however vastly increase your knowledge of how your pool works such that you can make informed decisions for how to approach your renovations or repairs with confidence.

3) Much of the information that you receive from me about your pool will not match the ideals of the average pool industry technician. This is because the swimming pool industry lacks regulation or congruent building practices, and the "average" pool installer / technician knows very little about advanced swimming pool applications as well as subjects like longevity or efficiency. This is why it is so important to research your pool installer and choose one that you are very comfortable with when buying a pool. Not all pool workers are created equal, and if you have read through this website then you already know that I know my stuff.

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