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Swimming Pool Design & Construction Consulting

Swimming pool design and construction consulting

If you are in the process of designing or installing a new swimming pool then it is critically important that you consult with an experienced pool and spa industry professional about your project. Any one part of your pool project that is not designed correctly, or not built correctly, can result in a total failure of the project as a whole. I have consulted for extensively difficult projects such as off grid pools, pools in tropical locations, commercial swimming pool installations and many more. Whether you intend to build something like this or just an average backyard pool you can be absolutely certain that this consulting fee will represent the most important (and valuable) money that you spend on your project, period. In the majority of new installation consultations I have completed over the past few years I am able to identify fatal flaws in the design or construction that would have been disastrous were they not picked up before the project was completed. Some might think how can they afford this additional cost to the project, but my logic is how can you afford not to?

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You are free to email your questions to me throughout the duration of your project with this service and you will always receive answers as a priority. Considering the costs associated with new pool construction this consulting fee is a tremendous value to make sure your project goes smoothly. In this consulting I will provide answers to any of your questions or concerns, however please note the following important information:

Need To Know Information

1) All consulting communication is to be completed through email only. This is a critical component of the process so that you will be able to reference back to the technical information that I provide to you in the future. I do not offer any telephone support for technical issues.

2) You are paying to have access to a second opinion, or an industry expert that you can bounce ideas off of, not a swimming pool contractor. This service DOES NOT include me educating your installer or local contractor on how to install a swimming pool. While every effort will be given to provide answers to your questions, there is no replacement for being on-site and I will not under any circumstances speak with your installers or local pool service people directly. That is your job as the pool owner. The Swimming Pool Steve consulting service is meant to help educate you and teach you what you need to learn in order to ask informed questions. Additionally you will learn about technical process, pool specific products and applications, as well as major areas of concern that you need to be aware of.

3) Swimming pool work involves skilled trades and without experience there are some aspects that can not and should not be attempted by someone outside of the pool industry. I can explain how to plaster a pool from beginning to end, but there is absolutely no chance you can successfully plaster your own pool without multiple people working who all have developed these exact trade skills through years of practical experience. It is not reasonable that I can teach you multiple skilled trades via email. I can however vastly increase your knowledge of the technical aspect of how pools work such that you can make informed decisions for how to approach your design and installation.

4) Much of the information that you receive from me about your pool will not match the ideals of the average pool industry technician. This is because the swimming pool industry lacks regulation or congruent building practices, and the "average" pool installer / technician knows very little about advanced swimming pool applications as well as subjects like longevity or efficiency. This is why it is so important to research your pool installer and choose one that you are very comfortable with when buying a pool. Not all pool workers are created equal, and if you have read through this website then you already know that I know my stuff.

5) This design and construction consulting DOES NOT include CAD drawings, engineering schematics, architectural plans, or any other official building documentation. These are engineering services. You can, and should, retain a swimming pool engineering firm for your design schematic and engineering plans. I will however be happy to review any design plans that you already have. In many cases even reputable architects and designers fail to appreciate the complexity of advanced pool and spa applications and serious or fatal flaws will be found which is why it is so important to have your plans reviewed by an experienced swimming pool industry professional.

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