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Hiring A Pool Contractor

Hiring A Pool Contractor Guide Book
Hiring the right pool contractor to build your new pool makes all the difference in the world. Or more so, hiring the wrong pool contractor is going to cost you, likely in more ways than one. So how do you avoid these "pool installation nightmares" that you hear about so much? Do you just roll the dice and hope for the best? Hope that these stories are blown out of proportion? You could do that...but that would be an incredibly risky thing to do with the giant pile of money that you are about to spend having a new pool installed.

Modern day swimming pool installation prices will vary greatly depending on where you are located and the scope of your pool project, including which type of pool you choose to have installed. Typical new pool installations will cost anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000 in the vast majority of cases. You can not get an inground pool for much less than $20,000 in most areas, and the $100,000 price point does not even begin to touch the high end of the residential swimming pool installation market where pools in excess of $250,000 or more are built on a daily basis. This, along with the value of your home and real estate which the pool will be sitting adjacent to, is simply too valuable to risk having a bad pool installation experience.

Pool Building Advice

My best pool building tips, as a retired pool builder, is to do your homework before you hire someone to build a new pool for you. Aside from this vague and very unspecific piece of pool building advice there are a number of real world steps that you can take that will definitively help you to find the right builder for your pool project. In short you need to educate yourself as to the pool installation process such that you can ask informed questions, and interpret the answers you get in an informed way. Only by understanding the process of pool installations better from a technical perspective will you be able to accomplish this. It is not reasonable to think that you can actually learn all of the technical aspects of how to build a pool, but you certainly can hone in on some important areas and educate yourself enough to ask informed questions during the interview and selection process.

What to ask a pool builder - If you are wondering what to ask a pool builder that you are interviewing for your new pool installation project then you will find ample information in the guide offered below. It is written to help you better understand the pool installation process, both technical and non-technical aspects, such that you can ask better questions. Not all pool builders are equally skilled...not by a long shot.

Since the swimming pool industry almost universally lacks regulations, building codes, trade certifications or inspections the quality of your pool installation will rest almost entirely on the skill and experience of your builder. You are going to need to put a lot of trust into the company that you choose to build your pool. This makes it all the more important to pick the right builder (and avoid the wrong ones) for your pool.

Putting In A Pool

If you are putting in a pool then you must protect your investment in this project by taking every reasonable step to find and hire the right person for the job. If this is your first pool, or you have had a negative pool building experience before, or if you just want to make sure that you avoid having a negative pool building experience, then purchase the E-book from Swimming Pool Steve "Getting The Most Value With A New Pool Installation". It comes with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee so there is absolutely zero risk in buying it. For the amount of money that you are spending on having a new pool installed you would be absolutely crazy to not purchase this guide book.

Reviews from pool owners who purchased this eBook - Listen to what these home owners had to say after purchasing the Swimming Pool Steve guide book for pool installations during the 2018 season:

** Dollar for dollar this was the most valuable thing I bought for my new pool. - Andrew J. Oakville Ontario

** It was different than I expected. Extremely insightful information about how to hire a pool builder. - Sarah M. Malibu California

** Worth it 100%. - Raj A. Vancouver British Columbia

** Consider this required reading before you speak with any swimming pool contractors. - Martin V. Pheonix Arizona

** A very candid look at the pool industry from the eyes of a swimming pool insider. - Agnieszka P. Tampa Bay Florida

** I learned a lot from this to help me find a pool builder where I live. - Marlene M. San Vincente Costa Rica

This is a 23 page guide that is written by Swimming Pool Steve, a retired pool and spa builder who reaches over 3,000,000 people yearly with his informative pool and spa blog and Youtube channel - Winner of the 2018 Swimming Pool Industry Leadership Award. If you want help choosing a pool builder for your new pool installation then this is exactly what you are looking for. The following chapters an information are discussed in this guide book:

Chapter 1 Introduction
- Why it is so easy to hire a bad pool builder
- Making you an informed decision maker

Chapter 2 Your Responsibilities
- Contract addendums
- Your relationship with the pool builder
- Expediting your pool project timeline
- The ratio of good builders to poor builders
- Importance of timely payments
- Access and provisions

Chapter 3 Pool Design
- No cost design elements that fit every yard
- Hydraulic limitations in 1.5" pipe
- Advantage of isolated plumbing lines

Chapter 4 Excavation
- In house versus subcontracted excavation
- Provisions for removal of excavated fill
- Provisions for damage from machinery

Chapter 5 Pool Construction Styles
- Why there is no one "right way" to build
- How to ask for references
- Presale negotiations

Chapter 6 Plumbing System
- How common pool leaks are
- Why plumbing is sub par on most pools
- Commercial pressure testing standards
- How much a leak can cost you
- Minimum pressure testing values
- How to use this information properly
- Pipe material selection
- Underground pipe bedding materials
- PVC primer and glue selection

Chapter 7 Filtration Equipment
- Modern pool filtration equipment
- Affordable automation
- Hayward, Pentair and Jandy loyal builders
- Variable speed pumps
- Filter and heater regional differences
- Peripheral filtration equipment options
- Salt water (electronic chlorine generators)
- Ozone systems
- UV lights
- AOP (advanced oxidation process)

Chapter 8 Subcontractors
- Technical complexity of pool installations
- Accountability for problems
- The builder / subcontractor relationship
- Commonly subcontracted processes

Chapter 9 Payment Schedules
- Importance of metered payments
- Acceptable initial draw amounts
- Milestone stage payments
- How much to withhold until completion
- Addendum payments

Chapter 10 Weather Delays / Completion Date
- How builders overbook intentionally
- Concurrent versus one-at-a-time builds
- Establishing start and completion dates
- Encourage waiting for the right weather

Chapter 11 Conclusion
- Arming yourself with information
- Friction from potential pool builders
- Being a highly informed customer

Purchase this new pool construction guide book for $99 and also get a follow up Ask Steve consultation question included for free. This will make sure that you have the information you need and know how to use it when finding the best pool builder for your installation.

$99 - Getting The Most Value With A New Pool Installation
By Swimming Pool Steve - PDF eBook Edition

100% money back satisfaction guarantee. You will find this guide to be valuable or your money back.

Swimming Pool Steve

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