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Swimming Pool Steve Author Bio

2018 swimming pool industry leadership award winner Steve Goodale

Swimming Pool Steve first started in the pool industry in 1991 working for the family owned pool business. He started with vinyl liner service and repair before moving to the west coast of Canada to learn the concrete pool building trade. After working in service, renovation, new pool installations, commercial pools and spas, leak detection, pool equipment manufacturing, pool equipment wholesale, as well as various retail stores for both pools and spas, Steve is one of the most diversely skilled pool technicians active today.

In 2018 Steve was voted to win the Pleatco Swimming Pool Industry Leadership Award for his work in educating both pool owners, as well as other pool industry professionals, through his extensive blog of helpful pool and spa articles. Steve has appeared as a featured author in over 30 pool and spa trade industry publications and magazines from around the world. Currently Steve enjoys his job as a writer, and blogger, where he reaches between two to three million pool owners in Canada and the USA annually with his website and YouTube channel.

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March 2016 - Pool & Spa Marketing Magazine - Safety in the workplace; Education & training key in preventing accidents on the jobsite

March 2016 - Piscines & Spas Magazine (cover) - Resistance pour le debit d'eau; Ameliorer l'efficacite energetique de votre piscine

December 2015 - Pool & Spa Marketing Magazine - Resistance to flow; How to improve energy efficiency in a swimming pool system

September 2015 - Pool & Spa Marketing Magazine - Understanding the electromechanical process of galvanic corrosion

March 2015 - Pool & Spa News Magazine - Steve Goodale; Pool professional is creating works of art

From Steve: I remember very clearly flipping through pool and spa magazines when I was a kid, sitting in the pool service truck on the way to a jobsite. At the time I wanted to work on pools like you see in the magazines...not the 16x32' kidney shaped vinyl liner pools that I had been renovating with the family business. I would not have guessed that I would go on to build those pools, and ones even better, before becoming the person actually in the magazines I used to read. It is very much a feather in my cap that these magazines and publications reach out to me for my opinions as an expert within this industry and I am proud to be able to provide content that they, and their readers, want to see. The publications you see listed above represent the full circle of my life as a pool and spa expert. The only place left to go from here would be to star in a Holmes on Homes style TV show dedicated towards helping people with nightmare swimming pool problems.

Swimming Pool Steve

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