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Best Pool Pumps 2019

Best Pool Pumps 2019 If you are going to need a new pool pump this year you are going to need to familiarize yourself with variable speed pumps. Most people looking for a new pump in 2019 will end up going with a variable speed pump. This is because variable speed pumps are so much more energy efficient than the old style single speed pumps that it will soon become law, everywhere, that filtration pumps be ultra energy efficient. Here is an article that explains how by 2021 all filtration pumps must adhere to an energy conservation guideline that old style single speed pumps will simply never be able to do: Department of Energy regulation of pool pumps.

Sure you can still buy a single speed pump. Yes you will still be able to find parts and service for it for at least a few more years. You could also avoid buying an expensive new energy efficient furnace for your home by simply heating your house with burning piles of money...don't let me, a swimming pool specialist, influence your decision in what pool pump to get. (get a variable speed pool pump)

Where is the best place to buy a pool pump in 2019 - The best place to get a pool pump in 2019 is going to be from a pool and spa dealer, retailer, or contractor that is local to you. As a pool owner you may be unaware of a price war being fought between online sales and dealer level sales. Buying from a local dealer will ensure that you get the right product for your pool, because not every pool owner wants to learn how to size a pump for your pool, and also help to ensure you get the best warranty coverage.

Best pool pump warranty - If you buy from a local dealer then you are entitled to the best possible warranty coverage. Some manufacturers of pool equipment only offer limited warranty coverage for products purchased online. This is to encourage pool owners to work with local professionals. Most manufacturers will still provide full warranty coverage for items purchased online so long as there is a receipt for professional installation.

If you are buying a $5000 heat pump for your pool then the maximum warranty is basically required. What a lot of pool owners are discovering is that it is not always cut and dry as to whether they are further ahead to buy online versus from a local dealer. If the product costs $650 online, but $999 from a local dealer, then this might be enough to sway some pool owners into risking the shorter warranty period, or being sure to appease the installation requirements from the manufacturer.

Most Common Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Pentair SuperFlo VS
Voltage: 120v / 240v
Max flow: 113 GPM
Horsepower: 1.5

This variable speed pump from Pentair has the distinction of being able to run at either 120 volts or 240 volts. It is a direct drop in replacement in size for the popular Hayward SuperPump model which allows for installation without alteration of the pipes being required. I consider this to be one of the most versatile and uniquely positioned variable speed pool pumps on the market and easily one of the most popular overall entry level VS pumps.

Hayward TriStar VS
Voltage: 240v
Max flow: 140 GPM
Horsepower: 1.85

The TriStar VS (SP3202VSP) is such a popular pump that Hayward dropped the once-flagship name EcoStar from their larger pump lineup and branded it as a TriStar also. As the brand developed the pump lineup split to include a consumer grade, and a version only available through authorized brick and mortar dealers. These pumps are all almost identical, with an upgraded Viton seal available on the dealer exclusive model, the SP32900VSP. What makes this pump especially versatile, both the SP3202VSP and the dealer exclusive SP32900VSP, is that it is the largest and most powerful variable speed pump that works well with 1.5" pipe. This is a great middle of the road size pump that is perfect for retrofitting on existing swimming pool systems that are limited by 1.5" plumbing lines.

Pentair IntelliFlo VS
Voltage: 240v
Max flow: 145 GPM
Horsepower: 3.0

The Pentair IntelliFlo (011018) is one of the most popular variable speed pumps on the residential market. Recently Pentair, along with other pool equipment manufacturers, have implemented a line of products only available from local brink and mortar retailers. The original IntelliFlo pump, 011018 model, is still open line and can be purchased by anyone. The dealer exclusive version of this pump is the IntelliFlo 2-VST (011055) is essentially the identical pump as the 011018 model, with the addition of a rotatable screen display. The 011055 pump can qualify for up to 3 years warranty coverage. The 011018 when purchased online has a 60 day warranty coverage. If you buy it online and then register the warranty with Pentair, and provide the sales invoice as well as an invoice for professional installation then the 011018 can qualify for up to two years of warranty coverage. You can read more about the requirements for professional installation from the warranty section of the Pentair website.

The Best Pool Pumps You Don't Know About

If you have been doing your homework looking for the best pumps fo 2019 most of the pumps that I have listed above should already be on your radar. The swimming pool equipment industry is largely dominated by three big names: Pentair, Hayward, and Jandy. Chances are the majority of you will end up getting your next pump from one of these manufacturers. Does that mean there are no other decent, valid options? Not at all. There are a number of high quality pump manufacturers that are slightly outside of the mainstream light...if you are looking for something specifically high quality you should look at Speck Pumps.

Speck pumps are available from dealers across Canada and the USA however they are less widely available than similar Hayward and Pentair pumps. If you have trouble finding a Speck pump in your area, or online, you can contact Steve directly to get one.

Speck A91-II-VSP Variable Speed Pool Pump
The Speck A91-II-VSP variable speed pool pump is a 1.1 horsepower model that has dual voltage abilities (it can be wired with either 120 volts or 240 volts). This makes this pump a comparable alternative to the (previously) uniquely positioned Pentair SuperFlo 342001. While the A91 pump does move less water than the SuperFlo, it also is a smaller motor, so it consumes less energy overall. If you have modest flow demands and do not really need a large pump then this might be the most long-term economical choice for your pool. This pump has a two year warranty and has a maximum potential flow rate of 88 GPM.

Contact Steve directly for pricing and availability for all Speck Pumps.

Speck EcoMV Variable Speed Pool Pump
The Speck EcoM3 variable speed pool pump is a 1.65 horsepower model that would be directly comparable to the Hayward TriStar SP3202VSP / TriStar 900. The 1.85 HP pump from Hayward is very popular because it is powerful without being too powerful for 1.5" plumbing and there are not many other options available from the big three manufacturers in pumps this size. Most are smaller, or larger, while few are optimally sized for retrofitting into 1.5" plumbing systems like these are. It is very comparable in terms of warranty, with a two year offering from Speck. This pump requires 240 volts, and has a maximum potential flow rate of 133 GPM.

Contact Steve directly for pricing and availability for all Speck Pumps.

Speck EcoM3 Variable Speed Pool Pump
The Speck EcoMV variable speed pool pump is a 2.7 horsepower model that would be directly comparable to the Hayward EcoStar SP3400VSP / TriStar 900 / SP3206VSP as well as the 3 horsepower IntelliFlo series of pumps from Pentair (VSF, 2-VST). The Speck EcoMV also comes with a two year warranty and you would most commonly find this larger variable speed pump in use for larger pool filtration systems, or systems with high flow demands like in-floor cleaning systems or attached hot tubs / waterfalls. This pump requires 240 volts, and has a maximum potential flow rate of 167 GPM.

Contact Steve directly for pricing and availability for all Speck Pumps.

If you are wondering about Speck Pumps, because you might not be as familiar with the name as you are with Hayward and Pentair, you can rest assured that you are buying a quality product - not a cheap-as-you-can-make-it product. As Speck likes to boast, their products are German engineered and built in the USA, and they claim to be the most reliable pool pumps in the industry. Speck has a clear and dedicated mission of quality over quantity and are a great alternative when you want to avoid the most popular, mainstream equipment manufacturers.

If you have considered your options but you can not decide which pump is best for your application, or you are confused about where is the best place to buy from, then please contact Steve to discuss your options.

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