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Swimming Pool Related Gift Ideas

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Gift ideas for pool and spa owners
There are a ton of great options if you are looking for Christmas gift ideas (or any time of year gift ideas) for someone who loves their swimming pool or hot tub. In some areas Christmas time correlates with hot weather perfect for swimming, and so the pool themed gift idea seems perfectly suitable. For pool owners located in seasonal areas where Christmas means blankets of white snow, and not so much swimming weather, a pool related gift will be sure to surprise - and hopefully give the recipient something to look forward to other than the long, cold, gray days of January and February to come.

One benefit of a swimming pool or hot tub related gift is that there is a wide range of potential gift options, covering all price points from only a few dollars, all the way up to big ticket items that are sure to impress. Whether you are looking for just a few stocking stuffer ideas, or are looking for a last minute big purchase to really make someone feel special, this article will help you find the perfect pool or spa related present.

A New Pool Vac

The Dolphin Nautilus Plus robotic pool cleaner would make a perfect big ticket gift item for just about any swimming pool owner. Robotic pool vacuums like this one operate totally independently from the circulation and filtration system of the pool so there is no worries about whether this unit will work on the type of inground pool your recipient has (for above ground pool owners look instead at the Dolphin Escape above ground pool cleaner. Dolphin brand pool cleaners are recognized in the pool and spa industry as the technology leader and stand alone manufacturer of the best pool vacs on the market. If you like the idea of a robotic pool vacuum as a gift, but are not sure which one you want to get, then you can review these pool vac reviews to find the product features, and price, that you are looking for.

Cordless Pool Vacuums

Supposing that you really like the idea of a robotic pool cleaner as a gift, however they are out of your price range, or the gift recipient already has a robotic pool vacuum, then you definitely should consider a Water Tech battery operated pool vacuum. This is the "dust buster" of swimming pool vacuums. It is battery operated and does not require any hoses, cords or anything else that will slow you down. These awesome (and handy) pool tools are affordable, good for swimming pools or hot tubs, extremely useful, and best of all hardly any pool or spa owners have one of these already. If you are looking for a great pool related gift idea, this is one of the best on this list. If you would like to compare other models of battery operated pool vacs then you can read these battery operated pool vacuum reviews to compare features and prices of the competing cordless pool vacs.

A Variable Speed Pump

There is no better gift for a swimming pool owners than one that will put money back into their pockets. A new variable speed pump like this Pentair SuperFlo VS will be sure to impress. The cost saving benefits of a variable speed pump can not be argued, and it will be easy to save the entire purchase price of the pump in electrical savings over just a few years. You can read about this cost-saving calculation in this article about how much money will you save with a variable speed pump. The benefit of the SuperFlo VS is that it is possibly the most versatile variable speed pump on the market. It can work with 120 volts or 240 volts, where most other VS pumps are one or the other...not both. Also the SuperFlo VS is large enough to meet the circulation demands of almost any size of pool, and Pentair itself has the reputation of being arguably the highest quality pool equipment on the market.

A Pool Solar Blanket

Staying with the theme of money saving gift ideas, a pool solar blanket is probably the most cost-saving item that you can use on a swimming pool. This is due to the fact that swimming pools are expensive to heat, and only crazy people (or children) will swim in cold water, and regular use of a solar blanket can reduce the amount of heat escaping your pool water by as much as 90%. Best of all, any pool can benefit from having a solar blanket so this is a versatile gift for any pool owner. If you are not sure how to pick the right size, all you need to know is that all solar blankets are rectangle shaped, and you buy the size that matches the pool. If the pool is not a rectangle, then the process is to buy a rectangle cover that completely covers the pool, and then cut it to fit the shape of the pool. If you are looking for a more complete gift item then consider also picking up a solar cover roller.

A New Hot Tub

If you want to surprise someone special with something special...why not pick up an inflatable hot tub. These very affordable hot tubs are easy to set up and install since they are in the portable class. This means no special electrical wiring is required, and you need only a flat place to locate the tub. Now, an inflatable hot tub definitely represents the entry point into the hot tub market, but this allows you to "test the waters" so to speak. Not every person likes having a hot tub, and if you did not grow up using a hot tub then the concept might seem a little weird (like taking a bath outside with your neighbors). This is why an entry level tub like this would make a perfect gift. It allows you to try out the hot tubbing lifestyle with minimal commitment. A "good" hot tub of the permanent class can be up to and over $10,000. At only a few hundred dollars this portable spa will allow you to get into hot water without getting into hot water over how much you spent!

An Infrared Sauna

The kind of people who own swimming pools or hot tubs are also the kind of people that would enjoy the benefits of having a private infrared sauna. Designed for two people, this infrared sauna would make a perfect addition to a backyard with a pool and hot tub. This sauna is made from 100% Canadian hemlock (no plywood) and includes waterproof speakers and stereo (with built in radio), an auxiliary audio input port, LED lighting and a central control panel to control these features. No special electrical considerations are required as this unit plugs into a standard household 120 volt plug. There are a lot of physical benefits to using saunas for helping to sweat out toxins and increase oxygen flow in your body which will improve sleep as well as reduce pain from chronic conditions. This sauna heats up to a maximum of 141 degrees Fahrenheit with a 1725 watt heater and has an extra long seven year manufacturers warranty.

An Outdoor Shower

A poolside shower would be a great gift idea for any swimming pool or hot tub owner. As you have probably noticed, any time that you go to a commercial pool or hot tub they ask you to shower before getting in the water. This small act drastically reduces the amount of contaminants enter the pool or spa, which in turn reduces the chemical corrections that you need to make in order to maintain the water. Any pool with a lot of bathers, especially one with a lot of children or anyone wearing makeup, suntan lotions, oils etc. should definitely have a shower adjacent to the pool area. This will also help with bathers removing chlorine from their skin and hair after getting out of the pool. In addition to using less chlorine (or bromine) overall, you will also be reducing the amount of phosphates from laundry detergent are entering the water via the bathing suits of swimmers. This outdoor shower is very tall, and also comes with a foot wash station, and simply hooks up to any standard garden hose so no special plumbing is required.

A Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Anyone who like pool or hot tub parties is going to appreciate this floating bluetooth speaker that is totally waterproof and has a surprisingly good (and loud) sound. Not every gift idea on this list needs to cost an arm and a leg in order to impress - this floating speaker is very affordable and certainly is a novel idea. Just be sure to fish it out of the skimmer when it inevitably ends up in there! This speaker has a very long battery life, and will maintain its paired connection to devices up to 125' away (with direct line of sight).

Fun Pool Toys For Kids

Many swimming pool owners really only own the pool as a method to help tire out the children! What better way to use up some of that bountiful energy then to have them swim the long, hot, summer days away. For those types of people perhaps this fun game for the kids would make a good gift idea: The Stingray Glider. This toy does not require batteries. You bring it down to the floor of the pool and then release it. Depending on how you have the wings positioned it will swim around as it makes its way to the surface of the pool. This is a great game for kids to share as they can take turns launching it and chasing after it as it winds its way to the surface. This is a gift idea that the kids will love, but will absolutely be exhausted after using (not to mention probably get better at swimming).

Fun Pool Toys For (Big) Kids

The life-sized version of the previous toy on this list, this is a Yamaha RDS200 Seascooter which is designed to drive around and under the water while towing you behind. This is a semi-professional grade product that is capable of dives up to 65' deep, and can reach speeds of up to two miles per hour. It has a long life battery pack which will allow you to motor around your pool (or lake) for up to an hour on each charge. If you know a "big kid" who owns a swimming pool then you can bet this Seascooter is going to make a great gift idea for them. Just don't expect to give the kids a Stingray Glider and expect them to leave you alone while you are having fun with the Seascooter because that is just not going to happen!

A New Way To Snorkel

This cool new product is a panoramic full face snorkel mask. There was a lot of buzz about these face masks when they first hit the markets however there were some design flaws with the first generation that made them a little hard to use. These current generation masks seal well against your face, resist fogging, and contain a check valve in the snorkel to prevent the tube from filling with water every time you dive. These masks feel a little strange when you first put them on, as your entire face is protected from the water, which is totally different than traditional masks and snorkels. Within only a few minutes you will get used to the design, which is far superior for snorkeling and diving. Every pool owner should have one or two of these full face masks, and they can also be used in open water such as lakes and oceans - highly recommended.

If all else fails and you can not find a suitable gift for a swimming pool owner, then perhaps just try picking up some beers and head over to their house on the next hot and sunny day. If you would like more ideas about what to get for pool and spa owners, then you might like to check out these additional articles. They are both based on a review of the 100 most popular pool and spa products that are purchased online and reduced down to the 10 most popular items that pool and spa owners tend to purchase online:

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