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How To Inspect A Concrete Swimming Pool

Date Recorded: January 18, 2016
Title: How To Inspect A Concrete Swimming Pool
Author: Swimming Pool Steve
Length: 8 Videos (Playlist)

This video series about how to inspect a concrete pool is directed towards people shopping for real estate that includes a concrete pool with the intention of raising awareness to specific concerns about concrete pools. By increasing your understanding of how concrete pools are built, how they break and how much it can cost to fix them you will gain a better understanding of the risks and rewards of purchasing a house with an older concrete pool.

Over the course of 8 episodes and approximately 1 hour of time you will vastly increase your understanding of how to tell when a concrete pool will need a renovation and just how much work (and money) that will require. Not intended as a stand alone pool inspection manual, this video blog is more suited to internet researchers looking to increase their knowledge in order to make better, informed decisions about concrete swimming pools when purchasing a new home. In most cases it will be required to have a professional inspect the poolscape - this series will help you to determine which houses (and which pools) are a good candidate to pay to have a professional inspect on your behalf.

How To Inspect A Concrete Pool Episode Breakdown

Episode 1 - Introduction (2:52)
Episode 2 - Coping (9:12)
Episode 3 - Tiles (9:14)
Episode 4 - Introduction to interior surfaces (10:24)
Episode 5 - Pool Paints (8:31)
Episode 6 - Plaster interior surfaces (8:11)
Episode 7 - All tile interior surfaces (5:05)
Episode 8 - Attached pool & spa combo installations (7:28)