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How To Improve Your Online Business Presence

swimming pool company websites If you own or operate a swimming pool retail store, contracting company or service business then you need to be online - period. The swimming pool industry notoriously lags behind other more progressive industries when it comes to adopting new technology into day to day business. This has largely to do with the aging population of swimming pool workers with relatively little familiarity with technology such as email...let alone website development, social media and online marking tactics. Many pool companies have no website, or a sorely inadequate website, with little or no thought at all into optimizing the content for organic search or leveraging social reach to increase exposure to the business.

It used to be that you could operate a "bare minimum" online presence with a decent five or seven page static website. While you can still do this you would be handicapping your business tremendously in doing so. An online business card website might still be acceptable for clients that you refer there directly however a static website with minimal content, zero updates and no social reach is simply not good enough. Google is placing an ever-increasing importance on regular website updates, constantly growing content and the digital footprint from your social reach through popular social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. If you do not actively work to improve these areas of your business then you can bet that your competition are.

There is no way to fast track online exposure - A slow, steady approach is the only guaranteed way to grow online reach

Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website

The bottom line for your website is that the more traffic that you can generate, the more leads you will be able to develop and convert into sales. There are only a small handful of ways which you can come by internet traffic. To help you get a better understanding of how this all works you can consider the following:

Direct traffic - Direct traffic is just that. If someone opens a web browser and types your exact domain name into the search bar, for example www.PoolCompanyExample.com, then this counts as direct traffic to your website. Direct traffic, while very important, should make up only a small fraction of your total overall traffic to your website.

Referral traffic - If someone clicks a link from another website somewhere on the internet and it is pointing to your website then this is considered referral traffic. Referral traffic is very important in that it is a direct route for potential customers to find your business however there is also the benefit of increasing your "online credibility" with Google and other search engines. Google tracks how many links point to your website on the internet, and more so, the quality of those links pointing to your website. The more high quality links pointing at your website, the more Google and other search engines will value your page which can pay huge dividends with organic traffic.

Organic traffic - Organic website traffic is the holy grail of successful websites. Organic traffic refers to people using Google and other search engines to look for things. For example, a home owner in Dallas Texas might type in "pool installations Dallas" into Google when they are shopping to buy a new pool. If you could have your company listed at the top of the search results for this term then most likely you would be able to leverage this into tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars per year of work. The best part is that organic traffic costs you absolutely nothing and can bring in traffic volumes that are orders of magnitude more than referral and direct traffic combined. Organic search engine placement, or being able to dominate organic search phrases that relate to your industry, is a very deep subject that you could spend decades working on.

Paid traffic - Paid traffic is very similar to organic search engine results in that the goal is to have your company website listed in the search results for phrases that relate to products or services that your company provides. Since top ranking organic search engine placement is extremely hard to achieve, most companies can fast track these results simply by paying for them. In this example, you are not receiving traffic for pool installations in Dallas, but you want to be. Through PPC (pay per click) advertising programs, such as Google AdWords you can choose to pay a dollar amount for clicks relating to the search terms you select. If you have the budget for a campaign such as this, and you are able to convert your leads into enough sales as to be profitable, then paid traffic is the single fastest method to drive targeted leads to your website.

Social traffic - Social traffic is a form of referral traffic since technically someone is following a link from another website to yours. Social traffic differs in that Google and other search engines value social traffic strongly and track specific metrics that relate to social media activity such as shares, likes and mentions through popular social platforms.

Now that you understand a little more about where website traffic comes from we can begin to look deeper into these to figure out how you can get traffic to your website. As an active internet developer, and a lifelong swimming pool industry worker, I have developed and launched over 100 swimming pool related websites over the past 15 years. The information and statistics that I have developed over this time might be the most detailed and thorough as they relate to swimming pool websites available anywhere. The scope of what I have learned over this time and through these experiences are far beyond what i can cover in this article however I have condensed the most important parts as much as possible so that you can learn much, much faster than I did.

Online Challenges For Swimming Pool Companies

busy swimming pool company
The seasonal nature of swimming pools causes some unusual problems when it comes to developing your online presence. One of the biggest concerns is that the vast majority of business for swimming pool companies in North America comes in April - June and late August - September.

Most pool owners want to have work done to their pools either at the beginning of the swimming season or right at the end of the swimming season. This means that the vast majority of internet traffic will all happen within essentially a 3 month window every year. This creates some logistical challenges in the real world such as answering phone calls and emails and preparing estimates for eager pool owners. This heavy seasonal fluctuation also causes problems to pool companies looking to maximize these busy months since the periods of time where you would need to devote time to managing online advertising campaigns happens to be when you are busiest in store and in the field. Having the ability to dedicate an employee to maintaining your online presence, even during the busy seasons, has the potential to pay huge dividends if managed properly. The reality is that most pool companies can not afford to do this, and those that can afford it probably just pay a marketing and advertising company to help them spend their marketing dollars most effectively.

So what can the "average pool company" do to increase their online exposure? Actually, quite a lot...

We should start with defining some goals to help clarify why, and how, marketing your company online will have direct benefits to your bottom line. Obviously, more exposure means more customers which puts more dollars in your bank account. Getting a solid lead generated from your website that results in a profitable sale is fantastic - but dominating organic search results for actionable search phrases that relate to your business...well, that quite honestly could be worth millions of dollars per year in the right hands.

Look at it like this - 80% of traffic that searches for a phrase will navigate to one of the five top links that the search engine returns for a result. If you can be one of these five, and hopefully number one, then this is like being one of only five companies listed in the phone book. 80% of all searchers never make it past these first five results. If your company can begin to get organic search engine placement in the top five for searches related to the products and services that you sell, you can build a successful business from this traffic source alone. Paid traffic, direct traffic and referral traffic are all good, and all important, for different reasons. The reality is that organic search engine traffic has more potential than all other forms of online traffic put together - or to look at it in a different way, organic search engine traffic should be the main end game focus for any pool company that wants to increase their exposure online. Unless you hate money...

Paid Traffic VS. Organic Traffic

advertising for swimming pool companies Many marketing companies will push heavily for you to spend your advertising dollars on PPC (pay per click) advertising campaigns. While these are great, and should be a part of any effective online marketing campaign, there is a specific reason why you should be focusing your efforts more towards organic traffic...money.

Pay per click advertising campaigns like the Google AdWords program are perhaps the most direct and fastest way to reach customers that you are willing to pay to find. You simply pay for exposure at the top of the page with search engine results for search terms that you designate that you would like to compete for. If you have deep enough pockets you can more or less make sure you always are in the top of the mix for search results. The problem with this is twofold. First, statistics prove that web searchers are wise to paid ad placements (it does say "ad" right next to the ad placement) and they tend to skip over these to browse the top five organic results the majority of the time. Second, your exposure is only as good as your ability to keep feeding money into the Google AdWords wood chipper. You would have no problem at all spending tens of thousands per month through PPC programs like AdWords if you wanted maximum exposure at any expense. For most companies this is not at all what they are looking for. In my experience you would be far better off to work on increasing your organic search engine placement and get all of the benefits of massive exposure with zero residual cost. If you use PPC programs you should try to use them exclusively for laser specific search phrases which relate to your "bread and butter" business that you have not been able to target organically...yet.

IMPORTANT NOTE - As a rare swimming pool guy / computer guy hybrid, I tend to get a lot of questions about the topics I am writing about in this article here from pool companies. I am constantly being asked by these pool companies if they should go with a "marketing company" that emailed them and told them all about the problems with their website. The marketing company goes on to explain that for X dollar amount that they can "guarantee" to get your website on the front page of Google for all the search phrases that are important to your business. DO NOT, under any circumstance, do any business of any kind with a company that does this. There are so many reasons why this is a bad idea I am hard pressed to list them all, but a very fast summary:

1) An automated software program found your email address online and sent you a generic form. In addition to being low quality, low commitment and sent by the thousands to companies like you, sending unsolicited spam emails is actually not legal in most places. You are considering giving your internet marketing money to a company that found you by marketing illegally online. Not really a great sign.

2) They did not do an audit of your website, read any of your content, or even devote a single second to your business, despite what the scripted form email says. In fact, no real person has even looked at your business or your website. Everything they said is generic and intended to intimidate you into paying them to "fix" these problems. Some of the problems that they reference may even be legitimate, but again, is this the company you want to handle this for you?

3) They can not guarantee anything about how well your website will perform in search engines like Google. Google is 100% crystal clear in their policies that their system is NEVER to be gamed or manipulated in any way. Google employs entire buildings full of computer engineers who spend their lives making sure that their system can not be, and will not be manipulated. Do you really think this company that spammed you an email has the secrets to making Google do what they want? Highly unlikely. Also, since they guarantee top search engine placement to their clients, this must mean they have less than 5 clients. If they ever had more than five clients in one industry how could they guarantee all of them to be in the top of the rankings at the same time? They can't, is why. What most of these companies actually do to unsuspecting pool company owners (I know more than 10 who have fallen for this) is that they "guarantee" top search engine placement. What they don't tell you is that they mean top pay per click placement. This is not hard to do, all you need to do is be the sucker willing to pay top dollar for lukewarm paid search placement, plus a huge additional surcharge for having this scummy company take care of it for you. Best case scenario they will spend all of your money and worst case they just steal your credit card information directly and go shopping. Remember, they did find you by phishing your email address online and then illegally sent you spam with automated software. Quite honestly this is barely any better than Nigerian Prince scams except that it feels just legitimate enough to get some pool companies to fall for it. Of course it is not just pool companies that these guys target, but the relatively low technology comfort level of the average pool guy leaves the industry as a whole more susceptible than others.

In summary, any company that randomly contacts you and guarantees they will have you on the front page of Google within a week is targeting you as a "mark" and you should absolutely not consider doing any business with them, or even replying to their email. If you are serious about your business and are willing to pay for services to improve your online standing then take the initiative and seek out companies local to your area which offer these services. Companies that spam you and guarantee immediate results are 100% not legitimate. Consider yourself warned.

How To Get Organic Traffic For A Pool Company Website

really need website traffic
Here we go getting into the good stuff. Up until here most of the information is intended to bring you up to speed so the rest of this will make more sense to you. Our goal is not just to get more traffic to your website, but to target organic search engine traffic as our primary target. The reason why you should take this approach is simply because organic search traffic is the best possible scenario for online visibility for your business. You don't have to pay for it, leads are generated residually, and you have a decent chance at being able to be successful doing it even if you don't have a lot of resources at your disposal. In fact, as a small business owner you may well even have an advantage over larger companies with larger budgets more more resources. The reason for this is right in the name of our goal "organic search traffic". Organic being the key word here.

Google does not make available the exact workings of their search engine algorithm, specifically to prevent people from having the ability to game the system to their advantage. Instead, Google explains that their system is designed to reward organic activity and punish inorganic or illegitimate activity. In layman's terms this means that Google values a digital footprint for a website that has an apparent organic structure. Not layman's enough? Try this example:

Organic A new website is discovered by Google. Google sees that this website seems to have three or five new links from somewhere on the internet point to it every month

Not Organic A new website is discovered by Google. Three days later Google notices there are 10,000 random, very low quality links pointing to this website

confusing social media This is an oversimplification but you get the idea. Google actively monitors and tracks the digital footprint of your website and everything that points towards your website online. I can not tell you precisely what metrics Google measures and the specific weight it gives to each of these metrics...but neither can anyone else. All you can do is try to follow the guidelines established by Google which are very clear.

If you create unique, interesting and compelling content and then market this in a real, human like way, then the traffic will eventually come. While there are millions who have attempted to follow this simple formula, without success, the following list details what I believe to be the most important factors at work:

Content - Any content that you provide on your website should be 100% unique and absolutely high quality. Content marketing used to just entail making huge volumes of content. The amount of content is simply not enough in the current day of online marketing. If your goal is to follow the steps outlined in this article to increase your potential for organic search engine placement then you need to adopt a simple concept for any piece of writing that you put out - Every article that you write should strive to be the single best article on that subject on the internet. If you are writing 500 word fluff pieces about generic subjects, like pool openings for example, then you can surely expect your article to be somewhere around page 5000 in Google organic search results relating to pool openings. If you want your website copy to be considered valuable by Google, then all you need to do is work to make it actually valuable. This might seem simple however this is the number one mistake that companies trying to market online will make. If you are not developing content that has pictures, videos, infographics and expert quality information then you are simply not trying hard enough and you will not get the results that you are hoping for. Since you are trying to get organic traffic for your bread and butter products and services, then you should be the perfect person to write a 10,000 word article about that subject. or potentially you can be the knowledge behind the article but get someone else to help you write it if writing is not your strong suit. One thing is for sure, a generic internet marketing company will not be able to write the worlds best article on pool openings...but maybe you can.

Promotion - You should create new content with about 20% of your time. 80% of your time you should devote to promoting the content that you have made. Remember, if you actually attempted to write the best article in the world on a specific subject this will make the marketing a million times easier. Marketing a fluff article is genuinely an exercise in futility. You will never get the results that you want with poor quality content. If you did however make an amazing article on a subject important to your business then you should have no problem finding ways to promote it. What Google wants to see, again, is organic growth for something like this. Once you have released the worlds best article on pool openings your goal should be to get your article in front of as many people as possible WITHOUT doing anything Google would consider spammy. What constitutes spammy? This is an incredibly important question that you had better learn the answer to unless you want to lose absolutely everything that you have worked for promoting your business online...seriously.

The Importance Of How You Conduct Your Business Activity Online

working overtime on spam We talked previously about how Google specifically does not want people manipulating their systems. The importance of this can simply not be overstated. In your quest to develop your business online you may be tempted to take short cuts. Taking the wrong path with how you present your business online can have disastrous, permanent results. Further to this you can even lose all of the legitimate efforts you have made over a single short cut taken should Google not like what you have done. To put this into greater perspective you can consider your online marketing activity to fall under one of these three categories:

White hat - White hat internet marketing refers to using only 100% legitimate, organic methods to promote your business online. An example of white hat marketing would be using a legitimate PPC advertising program like AdSense, or perhaps commenting on other blogs with similar subject matter to yours specifically using relevant, helpful or insightful information as part of your comment. White hat marketing is what Google wants you to do, and if you are smart this is the only method of online marketing and advertising that you should use. Absolutely everything above board, honest and organic at all times.

Gray hat - Gray hat marketing refers to marketing strategies that are not expressly against the rules, but are not totally legitimate either. Using the above example of commenting on blogs, where white hat commenting takes time and includes helpful or useful information relating to the information on the page, gray hat blog commenting would be making as many comments as possible, on as many blogs as possible, with each comment not really contributing much to the conversation on page. It is not expressly against the rules to leave a crappy comment that does not add value, but the value that you get from something like this is also going to be minimal if anything. When gray hat marketing goes well you would get a disproportionate amount of increased traffic and relevancy when compared to the actual work you had to put in. When gray hat marketing goes badly you can end up slipping over into black hat territory and risk being stricken from Google search results forever.

Black hat - Black hat marketing is everything that Google is against. Black hat refers to using tricks to attempt to manipulate the search engine algorithm of Google or otherwise beat the system to benefit you. An example of black hat marketing, again going with the above example of blog commenting, would be using a software program that automatically seeks out and spam comments thousands of random blogs every day. Does it work? I suppose black hat marketing would not even exist if it did not work to some degree, however if your plan is to try to manipulate Google then it is simply a matter of time until you receive a manual penalty from Google, if not having your website permanently removed from their search results. You are responsible for the digital footprint of your company online and the ramifications of making poor decisions can be huge and long lasting.

Remember that "marketing company" in the above example that spam emailed you and guaranteed to have your website on the front page of Google in no time? Try to guess what marketing practices these companies use to get results...if one of these companies does a bunch of shady or spammy linking in your company name it will be you who suffers when Google blacklists your website domain.

Mr. G The only method of online marketing that you should do for your pool business is white hat. If you care about the longevity of your business then you would be an absolute fool to try to manipulate Google. They are really good at what they do, and there is a lot of money on the line for them to make sure their system works effectively. If you think you have what it takes to beat Google at their own game then you should probably stop troweling concrete and go work for NASA or something. For legitimate companies all you need to remember is to add value. If you do not add value then you are doing it wrong.

The worlds best article about pool openings adds value. You commenting on a blog post about pool openings with a few extra tips that the author forgot to include in their article adds value. You sending a Facebook update out to your friends telling them about your awesome new article on pool openings adds value. If you simply conduct yourself in a wholesome, organic fashion online, and strive to bring additional value to every digital footprint that you make, then the rewards for this will come in the form of increased relevancy in organic search engine results long term. This is why a small pool company or pool contractor has an advantage over a bigger company with a bigger budget.

In almost every case the digital footprint of these companies is not totally organic looking since they often throw money at problems to get immediate results. Being that you are not going to pay anybody to post links to your pool opening article, your digital footprint will look more organic than theirs. Will this be enough for you to outpace a huge, established company in search results? Not always, but if you follow the protocol that Google has outlined then at least you have a shot.

Things You Can Do Right Now To Increase Your Online Exposure

difficult online marketing You now have a very solid understanding of how online marketing works, what your goals are, and how you can start to work towards these goals. Assuming that you embrace the information above and intend to create content for your website that is very high quality and adds value to the internet, and you intend to market this content in a completely white hat way, then you are well on your way to success. So how, even more specifically, do you accomplish all of this? In a word, persistence.

Again, going with the example of a great article you wrote for your website on pool openings, you want as many links as possible on the internet pointing to that article...but the catch is that each and every one needs to be legitimate. The best way to do this is to always have your eyes open for a marketing opportunity that relates to pool openings. Perhaps on a social media website someone asks a question that is answered thoroughly in your article...this would be a prefect opportunity to share the link to your article along with some words about how this information relates to their problem and the article covers the information that they need to know to solve their problem.

While you may only find three or five decent opportunities per month to promote this article of yours, so long as you keep up your efforts every month this will pay dividends long term. After only a few months you could have 10 - 15 new links. After a years time you could have 50 - 75 new links and after a few years time you could have hundreds of totally legitimate and high quality links pointing to that article. That is going to drive referral traffic to your website through the links directly, but will also serve to establish with Google that you are an authority on this subject and that they should send more traffic to your domain, and that article specifically, when people are searching for information about pool openings. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to internet marketing and building traffic to your website. You can not buy results as good as you can get by simply picking away at it piece by piece. If you expect huge volumes of website traffic to happen immediately then you have not set realistic expectations. If you want steady and reliable online growth for your company then you now have all of the information you need to start this process. To help you get started here are some specific things that you can do right away that will add up towards establishing your website relevancy with Google:

Set Up A LinkedIn Account - LinkedIn is a social media website designed for working professionals to network together. Join LinkedIn and work to fully complete your profile page including all of your bio information, schooling, work experience, accomplishments, endorsements as well as pictures and videos that relate to your business. Most importantly make sure you include your website link in your profile. You should actively search LinkedIn for any people that you know and add as many as you can. The more people that you are connected with the greater your social reach every time you make a post. You should constantly be adding more contacts in LinkedIn and you should make at least one post per week that points to an article that you wrote. An great example would be a LinkedIn post that offers to show people what a professional pool opening should include, along with a direct link to the amazing article you wrote on your website. You don't want to spam that post all of the time either. Do not post the same article more than once per month. Every time you release more content on your website this will be one of the places where you mention and link to your new content.

Make A Facebook Page - Making a Facebook page for your business is one of the first things that any company wanting to increase online exposure should do. Complete the profile in full and be sure to add lots of information and details about your company, the location of your company, the goods and services that you provide, and as many pictures and videos as you can manage. You can invite your friends and people who follow you on Facebook to like your business page. You should be constantly adding more fiends, and be sure to ask everyone you know to like your business page. Asking your customers is also a great way to grow this area of your social footprint. Google specifically tracks business page likes so this is one aspect that you should be working to increase constantly. You can also post onto your Facebook page similar to how you post updates through LinkedIn where you include a link to your article and then share it through your circles. You should be updating the content and posting new pictures or links at least weekly on your Facebook page.

Set Up A Twitter Account - Harness your inner 12 year old and set yourself up a twitter account for your business. Twitter can be confusing to people who do not use a lot of social media and the effectiveness can seem questionable. In my experience, at least tweeting about subjects relating to swimming pools, twitter is not the ideal platform. Still, set up an account and complete your profile in full. You will tweet out weekly updates just like you do for LinkedIn and Facebook. Follow as many people as you can find on Twitter but try to keep them mostly in industries that relate to yours. What I have found Twitter extremely useful for is contacting companies directly. If there is a company that you think would be interested in your article on pool openings, for example a pool chemical manufacturer, it would be very hard to call them or email them directly with much success. I find that Twitter has an extremely high success rate for direct contact with companies that would be otherwise difficult to get past the gate keeping secretary. There are a lot of ways that you can use this to help further your online endeavors.

In addition to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, there are a ton of other social media sites that you should be setting up accounts with for your business. Ideally you want to have profiles, links to your website, and social activity across every major social media site on the internet. Be sure to include Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, Flickr, SnapChat, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Quora and any other relevant ones that you can find. Just be sure that you use these in legitimate, white hat ways that add value. In addition to these social media sites you should also learn about and begin to use user submitted content power sites such as Reddit and Digg which can be very finicky to use effectively, but when done so, have the ability to drive massive amounts of direct traffic to your website.

Start A YouTube Channel - This is one of the best best things that you can do if you want to try to increase the organic search engine placement for your website in the long term. Google owns YouTube, and wouldn't you know it they value their own product very highly in organic search results. If you were to make a video about pool openings, title it appropriately relating to pool openings, and then embed this YouTube video right onto your article about pool openings on your website, you can bet this will have a strong net positive effect on your website and your traffic. Once you have set up your YouTube channel you should aim to create high quality videos that answer questions that your customers often have. These videos will be a direct form of advertising for your company, as well as indirectly increasing the relevancy of your website for those specific terms with Google. A strong YouTube channel is a very important part of marketing your company effectively online.

Add A Comments Section To Your Website - By adding a commenting system to your website you will be able to engage readers of your website more readily. Comments relating to the information contained in your article will serve to increase the amount of content on the page, increase the diversity of the keywords being used, as well as encourage readers to return to your website to continue conversations through the comment chain. While adding something like this absolutely necessitates maintenance to remove spam commenting from black hat marketing software designed to seek out and post comments, the net positive benefit is well worth the trouble if you are wanting maximum online presence for your website. Be sure to follow up with and engage every person who makes a legitimate comment on any of your articles.

Set Up Website Traffic Analytics - Using a traffic monitoring program such as Google Analytics is critically important if you want to be able to track the progress and growth of your website online. Google Analytics offers allows you to track metrics on a broad spectrum of criteria about the people who found, and trafficked, your website. By monitoring your traffic analytics you will be able to spot trends, problems and opportunities for increased traffic that you would otherwise have no idea about. This is an absolute must for anyone serious about their website traffic.

Set Up Google Webmaster Console - Another must have tool available from Google is the Webmaster Console. Through this tool you will be able to track pivotal metrics about your website, your traffic and your status with the Google search index. The amount of built in tools in the Webmaster Console might be daunting, but this is an immensely powerful tool available for you to use so you should start to get familiar with it. In addition to insight into how your website is currently, and historically performing, the Webmaster Console also gives you deep insight into exactly how Google sees your website and digital footprint.

Once you have set up all of these things your focus should shift towards the formula of creating new (amazing) content with 20% of your time, and promoting that content through legitimate, white hat methods with the remaining 80% of your time. Even in a part time capacity you can be seeing real, dramatic improvements in your online presence in a matter of months. You should note that the information contained in this article represents only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you should do to get more exposure online. There are, of course, professionals who dedicate their lives to solving the riddle of how to increase organic search engine placement online and you will never be able to compete with these companies head on. Their ability to market well online may be much higher than yours at the end of the day - but there is nobody that knows your business better than you do! If you are willing to put in the time, work and dedication, then you can absolutely increase your exposure online by highlighting what you do best and then promoting it online through social channels.

How Do These Things Help My Business Actually Get Traffic?

social media is hard It might seem like all of these things you can do to increase your online presence are not going to get you more traffic. How can setting up an account with LinkedIn or Twitter suddenly make me have traffic on my website? Well, it can't. The entire point of marketing your business online is based on an organic digital footprint that you need to create. Each individual action, such as setting up a LinkedIn account, or creating a Facebook page for your business, will leave a specific footprint...like breadcrumbs that lead the way to your website. Each action that you take will have a cumulative effect that will one day amount regular traffic for your website. For now you just need to go through the motions.

The secret to making this work for your business is to make it a priority and make sure to take regular action on at minimum a weekly basis to improve your footprint. You should attempt to create at minimum one new high quality article for your website every week, as well as adding new contacts on all of your social channels every week. You also should try to do at least one post or update to each of your social accounts every week. You should also attempt to get other people to link to your great content every week though this is not as easy as it sounds. The best bet for this is to engage other people who are active on social media and bring your best content to their attention. Provided that they have an audience that would be interested in your material, and you are not necessarily direct competition for your business, then there is a good chance they will link to you one way or another.

While it can seem very overwhelming to try to tackle all of this yourself, and make no mistake it sure is a lot of work, every step of the path is made to be as easy as possible. Google wants business owners such as yourself to use their tools and there are countless online resources to help you learn each social platform and website. It will take a lot of time. Sometimes you just won't have time to get to them all. It is important to just keep staying with it, to whatever extent you can make time to do, and over time your digital footprint will grow.

The largest change is one that will happen one day long into the future once you have grown tired of watching your website traffic analytics on a daily basis. One day long after you have created some amazing website content, and months after you have started promoting your content and growing your digital footprint, Google will suddenly start to send you organic traffic. There are likely hundreds of individual metrics that Google takes into consideration when assigning relevance to individual websites. By constantly working on improving your website, adding new content and promoting this content online, you will very likely one day attract organic search traffic from Google. It will start small at first but as months turn into years you will one day be getting a significant amount of traffic online - and surely much more than if you never get started!

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When it comes to ordering pool and spa supplies online in Canada www.PoolSuppliesCanada.ca is by far the best option. They carry everything from chemicals to replacement pumps to entire pool kits, with free shipping options and more "in stock" items than any other Canadian online retailer.

- Swimming Pool Steve