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Pool Pump Comparison

pool pump comparison
Welcome to the Swimming Pool Steve test lab where I hope to be able to create an apples to apples point of comparison between competing brands of pool pumps. This system has been designed to be able to run at either 1.5" or 2" pipe sizes which will allow for comparison between the efficiencies of these pipe sizes, but also to allow power and flow testing as close as possible to real world applications that these pumps will run under. In addition to having both 1.5" and 2" plumbing systems there is also a three zone bypass installed on the two inch pressure side. This facilitates plumbing in additional devices or lengths of plumbing to help put loads on the pump to further simulate real world applications.

The system is designed to test for gallons per minute of flow in each of the two pressure lines, as well as monitoring vacuum kPa on the suction side plumbing lines. The electrical system includes 15A 120 volt and 20A 120 volt power supplies as well as a 240 volt supply. Each of these electrical supplies are monitored with wattage meters that provide real time amperage (current) and voltage readings as well as real time wattage and cumulative watt-hours consumed. This information is what you need to be able able to calculate, in dollars and cents, exactly how much it would cost to run this pump at your house. Also worth noting is that some pool pumps are dual voltage compatible and this system will allow for testing and comparing the performance and power consumption of the pump when operated at each of these voltages.

This video details some of the features of the new Swimming Pool Steve test lab as well as information about what I hope to accomplish by testing the rate of power consumption and flow for popular models of swimming pool pumps. With the ability to test and compare pumps under real world running conditions while monitoring the total power consumption and flow rates this should help pool owners make an informed decision about how much they can expect to save by upgrading to a new variable speed pump.

As I grow this video series I hope to be able to test competing pump models and brands all on the same plumbing system. While the results derived from these tests will be useful information it is important to understand that the exact flow rates and power consumption that you you will experience on your pool system might be different than shown here. This is because every pool plumbing system is completely unique and the length of plumbing, choice and number of fittings used, height of the pump relative to the height of the water level in the pool, the amount of return lines and type of pressure side features you have (waterfalls, hot tubs, deck jets) all add up to mean every pool is unique. However by testing multiple pumps on one system this will allow equal grounds for comparing the efficiency and flow potential from one pump to the next.

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