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Pentair SuperFlo VS Setup

How to set up a Pentair SuperFlo VS pump
The Pentair SuperFlo VS setup process that you need to follow will depend on how complicated your pool filtration system is. Pool filtration, at least by the book, requires calculations using pool volume and flow velocity in order to dial in the correct amount of filtration to keep your pool clean and clear. Additionally each peripheral item that your pool has will require consideration to make sure that it is receiving the amount of flow, and duration of flow, that it needs in order to function properly. Even the passive features in your pool such as your skimmer require a certain amount of flow in order to function correctly. The more active items like salt water chlorinators and gas fired pool heaters simply will not meet the demands of your pool if you do not allow for enough flow and high enough flow velocity during every 24 hour program.

The biggest disconnect for most pool owners will be the fact that they have no real way to actually monitor flow rates. This is something you can learn more about in this article about swimming pool flow meters which highlights the importance of being able to determine how much water is moving through your plumbing system. With single speed pumps this was much less of an issue as there was no way for you to augment your pump speed, but with variable speed pumps you really need a flow meter to get the most electrical savings without compromising the quality (or amount) of water filtration for your pool. You should really start with reading this article about how to program your Pentair SuperFlo pump for maximum savings where I show you what a real-world run schedule looks like when you program it into this pump. Again, this is just an example of a dynamic filtration schedule that is set to run mostly during off-peak electrical hours and you will need to adapt this to meet the filtration and flow needs for your own unique installation.

How To Set The Clock On A Pentair SuperFlo VS

When you first install your Pentair SuperFlo pump, or when you experience an extended power outage, you will need to program the clock. The instructions for this are printed right on the underside of the lid of the pump control, but if you are missing this for whatever reason then the instructions to program the clock are very simple. First you hold down the the display button for about three to five seconds and then the display will start to flash either "12 hr" or "24 hour". You can choose to have your clock display read in either 12 hour format or 24 hour format by pressing the up or down buttons. Hit the display button again to save this setting and the display will proceed to start flashing the current time of day programming. Simply hold the up or down buttons to achieve the desired time of day and then press the display button again to lock in that time.

Next the display will be flashing "scrn" and then a number from 1 to 100. This is the setting for your screen brightness and unless you have a unique situation you will probably want to just leave this set at the full 100 value. Press display again to lock in your screen brightness setting. Now you have successfully programmed the clock on your Pentair SuperFlo VS pump.

How To Set Pentair SuperFlo VS Priming Speed

In order to change the programmed priming speed for your Pentair SuperFlo VS pump you will need to initiate a run cycle for your pump. This means that your pump needs to be off and then you initiate a run cycle by selecting one of the programmed speeds and pressing the start/stop button. The pump will attempt to run the programmed speed however before doing so it will attempt to run a five minute priming cycle. Most pool pumps need to be primed after they have been turned off, and especially if the pump lid has been removed (which opens the normally closed loop plumbing system to air and allows the water in the suction lines to gravity drain back to the pool. In a situation like this you would usually need to add a bucket of water to the pump, put the lid on, and then prime the pump by running it at a high speed.

Variable speed pump technology assumes this situation and as such every time you turn your pump on it will attempt to run a five minute high speed priming cycle. While useful, not all pools will need a five minute high speed priming cycle. Some pools will need a much lower RPM to achieve prime, where pools with flooded pump installations (the pump is physically lower than the water level in the pool) will probably require little to no priming at all. Some pool systems might even be damaged from running your pump at high speed as this may move water through the system faster than your filter is designed to handle. For these cases simply press the start button to initiate a priming cycle and then while the pump is running simply press the up or down arrow to achieve the RPM speed that you want to pump to use next time it runs the priming cycle. Once you have the correct RPM value dialed in, that is it - the next time you go to prime your pump it will have retained this new RPM speed for the five minute priming cycle. If you want to turn off the priming cycle completely simply reduce the priming RPM speed below 1700 RPM which will disable the priming cycle altogether.

Once you have completed these simple steps to setup of your new Pentair SuperFlo VS pump you can continue on to this article that talks about how to program your SuperFlo filtration schedule for maximum electrical savings. Pump schedules are more dynamic than simply setting the pump to run at one speed all of this time. This article will teach you how to create a dynamic filtration schedule, what times of day you should program it to run, and how to determine what motor RPM speeds you should select.

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