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How To Inspect A Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool

Date Recorded: January 18, 2016
Title: How To Inspect A Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool
Author: Swimming Pool Steve
Length: 9 Videos (Playlist)

This video series about how to inspect a vinyl liner swimming pool is directed towards people shopping for real estate that includes a vinyl pool. In this conversational styled video blog series you will learn about each aspect of vinyl liner pools, and what specifically you are looking for in order to determine the overall condition of the pool.

Over the course of 9 episodes and approximately 1 hour of time you will vastly increase your understanding of how a vinyl liner pool is built, and the different components that you will encounter in the "average" pool installation. This series is not intended as a stand alone solution to pool inspections, but instead a supplemental guide to help arm pool owners with enough information to ask informed questions. By the end of this short video series you will have a vastly greater understanding of what to look at on a vinyl pool to try to determine if it is in good condition or if (when) it will require a renovation next. professional inspect on your behalf.

How To Inspect A Vinyl Liner Pool Episode Breakdown

Episode 1 - Intro & Structure (3:29)
Episode 2 - Coping Part 1 (Bullnose & Wall Mount) (4:50)
Episode 2 - Coping Part 2 (Deckmount & Material Types) (4:00)
Episode 3 - Liners (3:43)
Episode 4 - Pool Walls (2:30)
Episode 5 - Pool Floor (1:51)
Episode 6 - Skimmer & Returns (4:51)
Episode 7 - Lights (3:21)
Episode 8 - In-Wall Steps (3:02)