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Swimming Pool Equipment Installation Reviews

Date Recorded: May 2015 - November 2015
Title: Pool Equipment Installation Review
Author: Swimming Pool Steve
Length: 46 Videos (Playlist)

Swimming pool equipment that is not installed correctly according to manufacturers guidelines and industry adapted "best practices" will need service and replacement sooner than pool equipment which has been correctly installed. This video series serves to establish a known standard for how pool equipment should be installed - something easy to relate to and understand so that all pool owners can easily apply the knowledge of how to get the best, most efficient performance from their pool equipment, for the longest possible period of time.

The pool equipment reviews shown here were picked at random in order to provide an insight into the "average" swimming pool equipment installation. While these swimming pools were all located within a localized market (Greater Toronto Area - Ontario, Canada) the findings of this inspection series are a clear indication of widespread failure to identify and improve on known requirements for effective pool equipment installation. This is due to a lack of congruency from one company to the next, ultimately due to a historical lack of trade certification, licensing or regulation of virtually any kind in the industry as a whole.

If you are a pool owner then the onus is on you to protect your investment by becoming knowledgeable as to how your equipment should, and should not, be installed. While these videos are intended for pool owners, the information contained within is more than in-depth enough for experienced swimming pool builders and technicians to learn and improve from.

Swimming Pool Equipment Inspection & Reviews Episode Breakdown

For a full list including brief descriptions of the equipment reviewed in each video of this series, take a look at the page on Pool Equipment Installation Tips page. **This page is very large and takes a minute to load

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