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Pool Equipment Installation Reviews 3

Pool equipment installation reviews page 3
While you would hope that major flaws and deficiencies with pool equipment installation would be rare the unfortunate reality is that it is extremely common. This is the result of an unregulated industry and a lack of national or international codes for how pool equipment should be installed. Even though equipment manufacturers provide installation instructions as you can see from this video review series it is very commom to have problems that are not "wrong" so much as you could say that they could (and perhaps should) be better.

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Pool Equipment Installation Reviews - 3

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Pool Equipment Installation Reviews Page 3

If you are watching a few of these pool equipment installation videos be sure to watch this one. Detailed here are some flow restrictions and filter leaks however the system then takes a turn for the better with a new sacrificial anode installed, a check valve between the salt cell and the heater, and the heater itself has been bonded. All heaters should be protected like this system is. Find out more about having a heater installed with a salt water system.

A clean looking pool equipment installation that used rigid PVC which results in a higher quality installation. This system has a good example of how to plumb in the suction intake on your pool pump for maximum efficiency. This pool also has a Zodiac Clearwater salt cell and Swimming Pool Steve talks about why these salt water system might not be as good as other popular salt water systems. You can compare salt water generators here and here.

A pool equipment installation that transitions from poly pipe to PVC and has a deleted offline chlorinator. This system also has a failed 3-way valve as well as no bonding on the pump and the heater. To learn more about what to use when plumbing a pool or adding equipment, you can check out these articles on pool pipes and valves and unions.

This pool system has flexible PVC that has extensive UV damage which is a common problem for flex pipe. Also, the pool pump shows signs of overheating (rusting) and is likely nearing the end of the expected service life. Also detailed is a pool heater without a check valve to protect it from chlorine damage. Steve also talks about how turbulence effects the flow dynamics of your pool system. Read this to learn more about how friction loss affects water flow efficiency.

This pool system has a pool pump with extensive heat damage and an undersized sand filter. Also shown is the correct method to install a flow switch for a salt water chlorine system. The heater on this pool is not protected with a check valve in between the salt cell and the heater as well as a lack of bonding on the pump and heater. Here are more reasons why pool pumps fail early. You can also read this article to learn about correctly sizing the pump and filter for your pool.

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