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Pool Equipment Installation Reviews 8

Pool equipment installation reviews page 8
The quality and experience of your pool plumber is plainly evident when you start to compare multiple pool filtration systems against one another. Building a pool filtration system from individual components is more complex than it seems. Pool systems complete with pumps, filters, heaters and peripheral equipment like salt water chlorinators, germicidal UV lights, ozone generators...these all have a correct way to be installed, order to be installed, pipe size and flow rates to be observed. In total this is more information than most people assume you would need to know on the surface. Pools are often viewed as a simple hole in the ground but this is a vast underestimation of the complexity of swimming pools. This results in some pool installations being completed (or at least attempted) by some seriously underqualified hands. Pool owners themselves are guilty of this as installing your own pool equipment can seem like a real money saver, but has definite risk to actually cost you extra if you make a mistake.

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Pool Equipment Installation Reviews Page 8

This equipment installation belongs in the "Hall Of Shame" due to the terrible choice of plumbing materials, repairs and configuration of the equipment. This video talks in detail about electric heat pumps for swimming pools versus traditional gas heaters. In this equipment installation there is no check valve in between the heat pump and the salt cell which is a costly mistake to say the least. Found in this article are the differences between heat pumps versus gas heaters.

This video shows a pool heater that has rusted out and failed due to chlorine from the salt water chlorine generation cell tracking backward through the system. The replacement heater is a Hayward H250FDN and it has been protected with a check valve and a sacrificial anode - two things that might have saved the old heater. Staining in the pool, especially on the stairs, is an indication of metal content in the pool water but by the time the steps are stained your heater is probably toast. See what damage salt can do to a pool when not installed with a check valve or properly maintained.

In this equipment installation review Steve looks at flow restrictions from street elbows in a plumbing system as well as Nature 2 mineral systems and colloidal silver as it relates to pool care and personal health. This system also has a Hayward Super 2 pump for a waterfall feature that has no bonding and a serious flow restriction on both the inlet and outlet ports. You can find more about chlorine alternatives such as the Nature2 system in this article.

This video shows an example of how a 3 way valve is used when installing a cartridge filter that allows you to drain the pool. Often when a cartridge filter is installed it is replacing a sand filter and so there is an existing provision for backwashing which can be used to add this handy drain feature. Also featured in this pool equipment review is instructions for the correct method to install a mechanical flow switch like with this Hayward salt chlorine generation system.

In this video Steve talks about a pool system that has been modified by the pool owner - evidenced by the quality of the glue job as you can see. The check valve is supposed to protect the heater from damage from chlorine that can track backwards from the salt water chlorine cell however it should be installed after the outlet line not in between the filter and the heater. If you would like more information on the deficiencies with this pool equipment installation you can read this article that breaks down and explains the most common pool equipment problems as well as solutions to each of the problems shown in this video.

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