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Pool Equipment Installation Reviews 9

Pool equipment installation reviews page 9
When you install pool equipment it would be a good idea to review and be familiar with the installation requirements from the manufacturers. Pool pumps are a perfect example of this where you often see fittings or valves close to the suction side of the pump, however there should always be a free and unobstructed run of 5x the pipe diameter (minimum) into the suction side of the pump. Failure to do this will not prevent the pump from starting up and priming, usually, but over time the pump will perform poorly, consume too much power, run hot, introduce turbulence and hydraulic inefficiency to the system, and eventually deteriorate from heat damage. This is just one example of how pool equipment can fail early from improper installation practices.

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Pool Equipment Installation Reviews Page 9

In this video of an on-ground pool Steve looks at a serious suction side flow restriction and talks about why this is specifically a problem for this kind of pump. This system also has an inline Hayward chlorinator and Steve talks about the advantages of offline chlorinators over these inline style. This pool system also includes a leaking Sandmaster filter and some very UV damaged flexible PVC. The heater on this system is not protected with a check valve.

This pool equipment installation is so close to a good thing but missing one critial component. While there are a few minor flow restrictions in the suction manifold and return manifold, the rigid plumbing and clean layout make this installation better than average. The major concern with this equipment is that there is no check valve between the salt cell and the heater which will ultimately spell doom for the heater internals. A pool heater can handle chlorinated water however a salt cell can generate for a few seconds after the pump turns off and this results in a heavy concentration of chlorine at the cell location. In this article you will see what steps can be taken to prevent damage to the pool and pool equipment when converting your pool to salt water.

This video is a great example of how to install a Hayward Ecostar variable speed pump matched with a C3030 cartridge filter and a salt water chlorine generation system. The use of a check valve protects the H250FDN heater from damage from chlorine - though this system would benefit from the addition of an inline sacrificial anode. The 2" PVC is the minimum acceptable pipe size for this powerful equipment given the loss of efficiency the system would experience from friction loss if the pipes were to be any smaller. See how pipe size affects flow efficiency.

This video features a pump that is failing due to a pressure side leak that was left for an extended period of time as well as a do-it-yourself Hayward salt water installation. The salt water cell was plumbed in poorly in addition to not having a check valve to prevent the heater from chlorine damage. You can hear the frustration in my voice in this video since not having a check valve will damage your heater - the most expensive piece of equipment on the pad. Everyone talks like they know about using check valves but in the field they are almost non-existent. Maybe this pool owner should have tried one of these do-it-yourself projects instead.

This pool system is running at too high of a pressure, over 30 PSI, which is too much for any pool system. When over 30 PSI the system may start to develop small leaks and there will be additional strain on each of the components on the equipment pad. This pool has a brand new Hayward Super Pump installed however it has a pressure side leak already either from the excessive hose clamps on the pressure side or simply from the pressures in the system being too high. These are a few wayshig pressure in equipment such as pools pumps and pool filters can be pose dangers around the pool.

This simple pool system has a big problem as the filter is broken and dumping sand into the pool. This is a result of a Hayward Super 2 high head application pump being installed on a pool system that it was not designed for. By exceeding the maximum design flow rate for the filter this pump will cause internal wear, sand loss and premature failure. Always be sure to choose the right pump for your pool applicationt.

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