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Pool Equipment Installation Reviews 4

Pool equipment installation reviews page 4
There are many aspects to installing swimming pool equipment which go against intuition for how it should work. This results in common mistakes with power supplies, grounding, bonding, pipe sizes and flow rates. It might seem simple enough to install pool equipment however there is interaction between the different pieces of equipment which must be observed. For example, if you match a pump that is too powerful to a filter with a low maximum designed flow rate this will result in overdriving of the filter. It might not break right away but you can rest assured it will experience a shortened service life. Mistakes like this are extremely common with pool equipment.

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Pool Equipment Installation Reviews Page 4

This pool equipment review video details a suction manifold for the pump that is using old valves which have become difficult to operate. A few plumbing flow restrictions are noted however the heater on this system has a check valve in between the salt water chlorine cell and the heater. Check out these valves and unions for installing pool equipment.

This pool equipment installation has true sweep style elbows which are great for flow dynamics but very uncommonly found in the pool industry. This system also has a check valve in between the salt water cell and the heater but the heater itself is not bonded. The bonding lug itself shows signs of galvanic corrosion which is an indication that the heater is likely also experiencing corrosion internally. Find out more about galvanic corrosion and electrical bonding in this article about how salt water affects pools.

This pool equipment review details a plumbing system that has a great deal of flow restrictions which should not be there. Also detailed is a pump running with noisy bearings (and running hot) as well as multiple leaks in the system which should be repaired. This heater does not have a check valve protecting it from the salt water cell and also is not bonded.

In this pool equipment installation review there is a variable speed super pump with a flow restriction and a salt water cell with no check valve in between the pump and heater. In this video Steve shows the rust staining on the salt cell as well as removing the return eyelets to show the rust staining on the back side of the returns as a result of the heater failing. This article explains why check valves are needed to protect heaters from this kind of failure.

Swimming Pool Steve finds a pool pump with the beginning stages of having noisy bearings, along with a clear audio example of this, as well as a heater that is going to fail early due to the improper installation of a Zodiac Duo Clear chlorine generation cell. No bonding wire on pump or heater as well as a lack of check valve in between the salt chlorine cell and the heater are sure to spell early failure for this unit. Learn more about the steps for properly installing a salt chlorinator.

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