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Pool Equipment Installation Reviews 6

Pool equipment installation reviews page 6
Early failure of pool equipment can usually be detected in advance by inspecting equipment like salt water cells for signs of staining. This staining is also often seen on surfaces within the pool itself, or on fixtures like the return eyeballs (especially the back side of the return eyeballs). When pool equipment is installed poorly or improperly it can lead to chemistry related failures within the equipment, and drastically shortened service life for expensive components like gas heaters and electric heat pumps.

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Pool Equipment Installation Reviews Page 6

In this video Steve reviews a very clean and neat equipment installation that includes everything that a properly installed pool equipment pad should have. This includes correct suction manifolds, 2" rigid PVC, sacrificial anodes, low salt chlorine generator and check valves. This is a great example for how your pool equipment should be installed. If you only watch one or two of these video make sure this is one of them so you can see what it is supposed to look like. These are ways to get the most life from your pool.

This is another better-than-average pool equipment installation example that includes a variable speed pump, cartridge filter, gas heater, check valve, sacrificial anode and all rigid pipe plumbing. This system is almost completely improvement free and an ideal example of how to properly install swimming pool equipment. This video also has a brief description of how a sacrificial anode works to protect the pool equipment. This Hayward pool heaters article lists the items that protect a heater from damage.

The video features a pool with extremely dark green, almost black water, and a Jandy cartridge filter that has extensive oxidizing of the metal band clamp. Also featured is a Pentair Intelliflo variable speed pump and an erosion feeder for chlorine pucks. While this pool is in bad condition currently, the equipment itself is top of the line - someone paid top dollar to have this pump, filter and heater but the installation was so poorly done that the pool barely functions. This funny article lists a few of the 50 shades of green this pool must have experienced on the way to its current color.

This pool equipment installation review looks at a pump, filter, heater and salt water combination that is controlled with a Hayward automation panel. This system does not have a check valve in between the salt cell and the heater however the equipment is all bonded correctly. An automation panel is a decent upgrade option for a pool.

This pool equipment installation review looks at an inground pool pump that has been wired to a plug end instead of being hardwired. Above ground pools will usually have a cord end on the pump but inground pool pumps should be hardwired to avoid the potential for a fire due to the heavy current draw of pump motors. These pool pump reviews talk about the electrical difference of inground pool pumps and above ground pool pumps.

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